Your Banging Body Can Not Keep A Man – Nollywood Actress Dakore Egbuson

Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson, was recently unveiled as the cover for the latest edition of Blanck Digital Magazine.

The mom of two, in a series of photos for the magazine, showed off her toned and fit body and also talked about keeping her body in shape.

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See excerpts from her interview with the magazine:

Getting her body back after pregnancy: I used to be very self-conscious but I’m more accepting of myself and my body in general now that I’m older. I will also add that I have more confidence now, simply because I chose to work on the areas of my body I wasn’t happy about; which is something I would always tell anyone who cares to listen. Do you! Right now, I do very little work these days; it’s all about maintaining it and living my best and healthier life

Natural confidence: Knowing I was going to be on the cover and sharing my fitness experience gave me the extra motivation so thank you! I also loved the theme of the shoot and the opportunity I have to show people that becoming a mother and a wife doesn’t mean you should lose touch with your body image especially if it’s important to you as a person.

Needing a banging body to keep a man You could have a banging body and a terrible personality. Your banging bods may help you get a man but won’t necessarily keep him. I want to believe that the general driver to look your best is usually for yourself; all other reasons are secondary.

Loving her body: I love the fact that by God’s grace I have come to appreciate the strength of a woman. Being pregnant and bringing two precious angels into this world is not an easy task. After my first child I wasn’t happy with the weight I gained but I was determined and I did it! So to see myself go through those changes and come back fitter and stronger is something that makes me marvel at our capacity as women. Without sounding totally vain I love my arms and bum but I wish I had slightly bigger boobs.

Fitness challenge: sticking to eating right is incredibly hard because I have a chronic sweet tooth. Why does everything that tastes good have to be bad? However, I stay very mindful of what I eat. Lots of fruit and veggies, whole grains for sure and when I do fall off the wagon by succumbing to my said sweet tooth I cut back on other days so it’s definitely a struggle. I would also chip in that I’m a Yoga addict. Mainly because it not only strengthens the body but the mind.

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