Yes I Got My Nose Done Again – NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes confirms another nose job

Reality TV star, NeNe Leakes, has confirmed that she indeed went under the knife again.

NeNe, who was in the news some days back following rumors of her debuting a whole new nose was put on the spot by a caller while on a show and asked if she had done any plastic surgery of late. Leakes, answered in the affirmative saying she had in fact gone under the knife..

Yes I had my nose done again. ….My cartilidge was growing inside my nose,” she explained, adding that when she smiled, the tip of her nose touched her lips.

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I would never just do my nose just for the purpose of doing my nose……I didn’t love my nose [before the first procedure] and I wanted to do my nose to make it more beautiful for myself.

People are constantly judging and picking people apart. It’s absolutely horrible,” she continued. “I got my nose done first of all because I can and I will and I will get it done again if I want to.

Leakes also appears on Fashion show, ‘Fashion Police’ where she is a guest host.

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