Wow! See The Fan Shirt That Allows Users Get Closer Their Club And Players

The amazing Vibrating Jersey
The amazing Vibrating Jersey

Imagine wearing a jersey that makes a subtle vibration to a fan’s chest every time a goal is scored, a red card is given, a foul made or any key event during the game.

Fans can get closer to their club and player, feeling every emotion during the game.

The ‘Football Fan Shirt’ is the brainchild of Sydney based Wearable Experiments, which claims the shirt is ‘the fourth dimension of entertainment’ and connects fans to the players like never before.

Football Fan Shirt will send haptic feedback vibrations to the wearer’s chest. It connects to an app on the user’s phone via Bluetooth and uses real-time game data. The shirt’s makers claim it vibrates at key events during the game, including goals, cards, fouls and more.

Presently the shirt is being launched in France at the ongoing European Championships.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be discovered if the Football Fan Shirt can survive a celebratory soaking after a big win, or even the drizzle of British summer time for fans watching games at grounds around the country.

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