Windows 10 Update Said To Freeze Users Computers


Following reports of the updated version of windows 10, after a series of countdown for the free version of the windows 10, a large number of people have reported back about their experience with the updated version.

The Windows 10 is the first major upgrade to the software since it launched in 2015.

The update includes improvements to the Edge browser and Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana, as well as the ability to sign into websites with your face.

However, even with the outstanding features of the windows 10, the complaint haven’t gotten better with many users said to have reported that their laptop froze or something worse happened.

Detailing the difficulties that they have encountered, it seems that after successfully completing the initial stages of the upgrade, their computers froze.

Either their PCs got stuck on the restart page, or after logging in, their computers stopped working.

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Some even reported that their laptop’s keyboard and mouse stop working.

Judging by the comments left in the 673-strong Reddit thread, it seems the problem isn’t related to a specific brand of PC or antivirus.

On Microsoft’s Community Page, the company suggests you run checks to see if a Third party software is causing the issue. To do this, it proposes running the System Maintenance Troubleshooter or perform a clean boot.

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