I Will Run Again For Buhari – Buhari Trekker

Popular Buhari trekker, Suleiman Hashimu have debunked rumor that claimed he is ‘disappointed’ with President Buhari administration so far, saying he is currently planning a march with youth in support of the president’s administration so far.

Hashimu receiving an award from president Buhari
Hashimu receiving an award from president Buhari

when speaking to News Agency of Nigeria, he denied reports that he has lost faith in the president, saying the reports are mischievous and misleading.

Hashimu trekked from Lagos and arrived Abuja on April 20, 2015, to redeem his promise of walking for Buhari if he (Buhari) won the presidential election.

“I woke this morning and some of my friends started calling and asking if I am aware of reports in the social media, claiming that I – Hashimu – have regretted trekking for President Muhammadu Buhari.

“It is not true. It is a rumour, false and a lie. I did not regret my action. If I have another opportunity to trek for President Buhari, I will do it again, even from Nigeria to anywhere.

“I do not regret my action – trekking for him. I am in support of everything he is doing,’’ Hashimu declared.

“I did not speak to any journalist yesterday, today or recently,” the trekker stressed.

On how he felt when he heard the rumour, Hashimu said he was not surprised as some politicians with intent to spite the president in spite of his efforts so far might be responsible for such report.

“I am not surprised because as a politician, he has opposition and I believe people are looking for all ways to spoil his name.
“They spread this rumour not to dent my name but the president’s.They also want to use the rumour to say that I am no longer with the president, that I am no longer supporting him, it is a lie,’’ he said.

He added he was in full support of the increase in the pump price price of petrol from N86.50 to N145.

Hashimu noted that Nigerians would benefit from the increase in the long run, urging youths to be patient and pray for the president.

He also commended the president for degrading the Boko Haram insurgents and fight against corruption. However, the trekker said that he was yet to meet the president because of his tight schedules.

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Hashimu called on the president to alleviate the pains Nigerians were currently going through in view of the global economic downturn.

“There are some challenges which Nigerians are facing. The president needs to be aware. Whatever you doing in life, even if you are sick, you need pain relief.
“I know he is planning big for Nigerians and Nigeria, but the relief must come. Let the president do something quickly to address the pains Nigerians are undergoing, especially in terms of food.
“There are so many complaints, he needs to work hard,’’ he said.

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