Weight Loss: How I Lost Weight With Just Water In 1 Week


Yeah, already I can hear some people asking, how this even possible? Well, it is and I will be showing you exactly how I achieved this feat.

I use to be quite big before now and tried all I could to lose the weight, I was feeling so heavy within me, I was ready to do anything to lose the weight, Yes, I said it, anything. So in comes my water trick.

We all grew up listening to our parents asking us to drink more water each day as it has various health benefits. Our parents were and are still right. Water, has millions and millions of benefit to our health that it is a major necessity to have the required amount of this miraculous liquid everyday.

Enough of the chit chat right, lets delve in to how I lost weight with water.

  1. Increase water intake: Before I started my weight loss journey with water, I would only drink it whenever I was thirsty or maybe after a meal. It should however be noted that drinking enough water during the day, helps keep one full. This in turn helps us cut back on high calorie food consumption such as fizzy drinks and snacks. When one consumes lesser calories during the day, automatically you begin to lose weight. 
  2. Drink Water before and after a meal: Yes, this is very important. I made sure to drink at least a full cup of water before I start my meal. Doing this has so many benefits. First, it aids digestion, secondly it speeds up weight loss by allowing my body break down the food and absorb the nutrient. It also helps me eat lesser food as I am already half full before I even start a meal.
  3. Avoid beverages/fizzy drinks: Yes, when you have that urge to consume beverages, fizzy drinks, soda and alcohol, replace immediately with water. Doing this can help you cut back on several hundreds of calories per day. My trick on doing this was always having a water bottle beside me.
  4. Match Your alcohol consumption with equal quantity of water: So, you went out with your friends and had a glass of wine or even two, simple, just drink more water than both glasses or match the quantity of alcohol consumedwith water.

Having listed four of my trick, am certain some of you would be wondering how you can make the bland taste of water more interesting, simple, you can add some citrus fruits to your water to make it more interesting. Doing this will further help you lose weight as adding fruits like strawberry, cucumber and mint leaf, automatically makes the water a detox water which will all know is essential for weight loss.


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