Weight Loss: 5 Healthy Nigerian Snack Everyone Should Have

We all know that most of our foods here in Nigeria are heavily high in carbohydrate and to lose that extra pound will not be an easy task when we have to eat mostly carbohydrate based foods.

Today, we will be discussing five healthy Nigerian snack, every weight watcher out there can easily eat without the fear of adding weight.


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  1. Garden eggs: This food is one of the healthiest food we have in the country. Now, garden eggs can either be eaten raw or cooked, but, for snacking purposes, we definitely have to eat them raw. Garden egg, which is high in fibre, helps fill us up in no time, thereby ensuring we do not eat too much food, which in turn ensures minimum calorie intake that results in weight loss. Garden eggs are also rich in vitamins and potassium, two major nutrients the body needs.


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2. Peanut: Now, we should note that peanut, does not fall in the low calorie food division, however, it is high in fiber and protein, and according to a 2009 research published in ‘The Journal Of Nutrition’, protein, helps in burning fat. One should however be certain not to overindulge in this snack as just an ounce of peanut is 161 calories.


3. Okpa: A delight to most people living in Lagos and the good news about this food is, its packed full of protein. Need something to snack on while less busy at home pr at a friend’s, why not snack on Okpa. Okpa is made from bambara nut which has so many benefits in it to include, lowering of cholesterol, does some antimicrobial actions, helps ensure our bones are healthy amongst several other benefits.

Boiled eggs
4. Eggs: Eggs have several benefits which ensures that our system works perfectly. One of the many health benefits of eggs is the presence of protein in it. A single large egg contains about 6 grams of protein, and as we all know a body that has just about the right amount of protein can help with weight loss, increase muscle mass, lower blood pressure and optimize bone health… to name a few


5. Boli (Roasted plantain): This snack is found virtually ob most streets and corners around the country and is just perfect for those already on a low calorie diet. This snack could be made either with ripe or unripe plantain depending on how sweet the tooth of the buyer is. An unripe plantain contains about 22o calories while the ripe one contains 252. The number of boli you can snack on during your leisure hours(s) now depends on how much calories you have already have for the day.


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