Weight Loss: 4 Nigerian Food You Can Eat At Night Which Also Burns Fat

foods to eat at night

We have all been told, never eat at night if you want to lose that weight you have been carrying for a long time. But truth be told, most of us stay up late at night and would love to snack on something while binge watching our TV  series.

Good news people, today, we will be discussing 5 Nigerian foods you can actually eat late at night that certainly doesn’t make you add weight, instead it even helps you burn off fat while you sleep.

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Tope, get right into it already right? Yea, lets dive in.


  1. Garden eggs: Garden eggs are high in fiber which automatically fills you up when eaten and then stops you from eating more than your body requires which in turn helps control your calorie. The high fiber content of garden egg, also ensures that bad cholesterol in the body is reduced and we all know bad cholesterol in the system is one way ticket to an heart condition. You feel the need to chew on something late at night and still want to burn off the fat, snack on garden eggs.


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2. Nuts: This food is another great food you can snack on late at night. It contains healthy fats which scientifically has been proven to make us feel full which is the bedrock of helping us lose weight. Nuts, are also high in omega 3, which is highly beneficial for the brain and heart, also they are also low in sugar, and having just about the right amount of sugar in the system help prevents type 2 diabetes, a disease most overweight people are known to have.


3. Cucumber: Want that slim and sexy frame but still want to eat at night? Think cucumbers. This food is rich in water content and dietary fiber, which cleanses the body of harmful toxins that the body releases. Cucumber, are also low in calories, which makes them a healthy choice for losing weight naturally. This food is also packed full of Vitamin C which ensures a healthy and glowing skin, I mean what more can boast of sexy frame, than a slim fit body and skin to die for.

boiled eggs  

4. Boiled eggs: Eggs are super food that has several major dietary content the body needs. The major nutrient this super food boasts of, is protein, and as we know protein is one of the major nutrients the body needs to losing weight. It helps create that feeling of fullness which stops us from eating more than the body desires automatically enabling us shed weight. Eggs, due to the its high protein nutrient allows you maintain your muscle as you lose the weight.

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