We Are Humans Too – Nolywood Actress Dayo Amusa Talks Cyber Bullying

Dayo Amusa talks cyber bullying

Yoruba Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, took to Instagram to discuss cyber bullying against celebrities.

According to the actress, celebrities are no super humans as they also get hurt with the comments and postings about them on social media.

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Dayo wrote:

CELEBRITIES are not supernatural being. It’s so #PATHETIC of anyone to think otherwise… WORDS!!!Those five letters can make or break anyone.
D words u hear can either lift u up or bring u down. D words u say to someone can either uplift them or destroy them.
I see & read a lot of postings on social media & some of these words cuts deep. Forget about d usually high school bullies. High tech bullies (cyber bullying) are deadly!!!!
D way these people furiously attack other people’s picture,career,family,even worse,children is terrible. It’s even more disheartening when I see grownups doing this.
How does one criticized their fellow human being in such manner? Hiding behind d keyboard to make other people miserable will never add values to your life.I have noticed this predominantly among Nigerians/Africans.D way they tear down makeup artist & their work is mind blowing.
Don’t get me started on Nigerian artist both actors & musicians.There is something called constructive criticism or unbiased opinion.I must commend Nigerian artists,they are actually doing their best with what they’ve got.In a country as frustrating as Nigeria, no light, no water, pricy fuel & bad road,they still managed to produce decent movies.Nigeria’s movie industry has actually improved a great deal,most especially d Yoruba movie industry.
We have great actors and procedures producing & acting in great movies.It’s sad to see that these folks still get attacked on social media.People felt it’s their calling to meddle in these people’s personal life. These folks are not made of stones.They have feelings just like u & I. I don’t think I can sit back & let anyone attack me or my family like that.
Only a coward sits behind a screen & a keyboard & bully other people.We need to do better, let your words encourage,lift & build others. Remember we’ll all give an account of every idle words.Let’s build each other up. Uplift other people’s business. If u have to say something think about your words. if u are in d other person’s shoes, hw wil u feel if those words are spoken to u? Life is difficult enough for us to be tearing each other down.Think before you type… Thank u
Earlier this week, Dayo Amusa was caught in war of words with controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, who claimed the actress was dating veteran actor, Jide Kososko, who she claimed might be a ritualists, claims that were not taken lightly by Dayo, who also took to social media to slam Kemi.
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