Viber 6.0 Comes With End-to-End Encryption, Hidden Messages Feature

Instant messaging app Viber is now following the footseps of WhatsApp as they introduce end-to-end encryption to its users. The encryption comes as a part of an app update along with some other features. The Viber app has now been updated to version 6.0 on both Android and iOS.

The update’s key feature is the end-to-end chat encryption verification for personal and group chats. The verification will show up as a padlock symbol in conversations to confirm that the chat is completely encrypted. viber

Taking user’s privacy seriously, the Viber app update will now also give users the ability to hide chats from the main chat list.

Once you choose to hide a specific chat in a group or in a personal conversation, those chats will disappear from your screen, but won’t affect the other party. Users can then access the hidden chats using a secret PIN. Lastly, the Viber app version 6.0 users will see a new layer of security – contact authentication that provides the ‘trust contact’ mechanism.

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