Update Your iPhone Now! Apple Boosts Security After ‘Trident’ Bug


Apple says it is issuing a security update after powerful espionage software was found targeting an activist’s iPhone in the Middle East.

Computer forensics experts say the spyware takes advantage of three previously undisclosed weaknesses in Apple’s mobile operating system to take complete control of iPhone handsets.

They worked with Apple to fix the bugs, known as Trident and Apple today issued its fix.

‘The threat actor has never been caught before,’ said Mike Murray, a researcher with Lookout, describing the program as ‘the most sophisticated spyware package we have seen in the market.’

Two reports published Thursday by the San Francisco-based lookout and internet watchdog group citizen lab outline how the spyware could compromise an iPhone with the tap of a finger, a trick so coveted in the world of cyber espionage that one spyware broker said last year that it had paid a $1 million dollar bounty to programmers who’d found a way to do it.

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‘We were made aware of this vulnerability and immediately fixed it with iOS 9.3.5.’ Apple told Dailymail.com.

‘We advise all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits.’


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