Update On EgyptAir Hijacker: I Wanted To ‘See My Wife And Children’

Picture of Mustapha waving the 'V' sign for Victory (Photo credit to Aljazeera.com)
Picture of Mustapha waving the ‘V’ sign for Victory (Photo credit to Aljazeera.com)

The 59 years old hijacker of an EgyptAir flight from Alexandria to Cairo, Seif el-Din Mustapha has told police he acted because he wanted to see his estranged wife and children in Cyprus. He took charge of Tuesday’s early- morning flight MS181 by flashing what appeared to be a belt stuffed with plastic wires and a remote control.
He forced the plane with 81 people on board to divert to Larnaca but surrendered after a five-hour standoff. He said, he carried out the dastardly act because he had not “seen his family for 24 years”‘. When someone hasn’t seen his family for 24 years and wants to see his wife and children, and the Egyptian government doesn’t allow it,”what should one do?” the hijacker told Cypriot police in a statement.

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A Larnaca court on Wednesday ordered Mustafa to be held in custody for eight days on suspicion of hijacking, abduction, threatening violence, terrorism-related offenses and two counts related to possession of explosives.
As he left the court compound in a police jeep, Mustafa stuck his hand out of an open window flashing the “V” sign for victory. The suspect allegedly commandeered the aircraft 15 minutes after take-off from Alexandria .

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