Trump Set To Outline Economic Policy Today

Trump Organization Inc. CEO Donald Trump Announces Whether He Will Run For President

The battle between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump continues as they fight for who will be crowned President in coming months.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday will outline an economic plan that includes tax help for working families in a major speech in Detroit as he tries to regain momentum lost from a series of self-inflicted wounds.

Donald Trump has made the rest of the Republican very skeptical, saying that his self inflicting injuries may cause him to lose the race and might not be the nominee to represent the Republican during the elections.

Regardless of the speculations, Trump will be speaking at noon today at about 4 pm to the Detroit Economic Club and advisers saying he will focus on trade, taxes, immigration and regulation. The club, whose members are area business leaders, is a traditional venue for political candidates to discuss their economic vision.

This would be the first speech focused on the economic value since the announcement of the 13 man   team of economic advisers last week. It also comes after he slogged through perhaps his worst week as a candidate, getting entangled in a fight with the Muslim parents of an American soldier slain in Iraq in 2004 and sparring with Republican Party leaders.

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Trump intends to use this to get back on his feet proving to everyone that he is the appropriate nominee to represent the republican.

Members of Trump’s advisory group shared their views on policy with senior Trump aides on Sunday in a conference call, said banker Stephen Calk, one of the members who took part.

Calk described Trump’s vision for taxes as the biggest tax revolution since President Ronald Reagan in 1986. He said the plan was to lower the corporate tax burden and encourage U.S. companies with operations abroad to repatriate profits at a reduced tax rate.


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