Transgender Woman, Rajee Narinesingh Finally Got Botched, Lumps Have Finally Being Removed (Photos)

E!’s popular series, ‘Botched‘ has for a while now been top on the list of must watched shows on TV and am certain for those who watch this series, the woman with the swollen cheeks is no stranger to them.

48-year-old transgender woman, Rajee Narinesingh, from Hollywood, Florida, was left with a disfigured face after undergoing a cosmetic procedure done on her face.

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Rajee, had harmful injections made up of cement and tire sealant in her cheeks, chin, and lips at a ‘pumping party’ in 2005 from a self-proclaimed ‘physician’ which left her scared before the Botched doctors were finally able to remove the cement nodules from underneath her skin.

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Rajee, after a decade of living with a disfigured face finally met with Los Angeles-based surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif for the second time. They were finally able to have her properly treated. This episode will be aired on Tuesday’s season premiere of the reality series.

See Photos:

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