Top three unconcluded corruption cases in Nigeria

Ask an average Nigeria what he or she feels are the core problems affecting Nigeria’s development, and you are almost certain to get either of these two answers, bad leaders and corruption. In sheer honesty, these two factors are extremely not far from our core problems as a nation.

Bad leaders we attempt correcting every four years during elections, though I must admit, we rarely get it right due to the treachery and highly deceitful nature of our politicians; and corruption on the other hand most times leaves us, the viewers, unconcluded like most seasonal movies that I follow (They just won’t conclude, for us to know the outcome).

Today, we will be looking at top corruption cases that was not concluded (would not want to call it trials as some of them did not make it to the court. they were swept under the political carpet of Nigeria).

Just that moment when we tend to go into jubilation mood, that our ‘corruption net’ is about catching a very big fish, then something behind the scene, will just play out and we in the media most times can’t even explain how or why these things happens.

Waste no time, here are top three corruption cases in Nigeria that was not concluded, or perhaps; we are patiently waiting for their conclusion.

  1. Colonel Sambo Dasuki: I guess some people won’t forgive me if they don’t see the name of our ‘Human ATM’ Colonel Dasuki on this list. Colonel Dasuki became the ‘Father Christmas’ of the PDP when he started sharing the $2.1bn meant for purchase of Arms for the armed forces. And when he first appeared in court, many jubilated, I did too… and after so many months he is neither acquitted nor discharged, so I join Nigerinas in asking, what happened to infamous ‘Dasuki Gates’ trial?

    Colonel Dasuki (left) paying attention to his former boss Goodluck Jonathan (right)
    Colonel Dasuki (left) paying attention to his former boss Goodluck Jonathan (right)
  2. Senator Stella Oduah: Stella Oduah, the senator representing Anambra North senatorial zone once had a corruption case hanging on neck. A case that got the entire nation talking. That, how can an individual approve the purchase of two bulletproof BMW cars of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). The outburst lasted for long and we were waiting for the court to satisfy our curiosity by sentencing. And the next thing we heard is that ‘Chief Mrs’ is now a senator of the federal republic, “end of case”

    Senator Stella Oduah
    Senator Stella Oduah
  3. Olisa Metuh: “Metu you stole N400 million naira” “I did not …, Father Christmas, oh sorry Colonel Dasuki gave the money to me, and it was used for PDP campaign, all in the know of former president Jonathan.”

Once again end of case, Metuh, as I write is a free man, and if he is actually guilty nor innocent of fraud. We don’t know for his trial as far as am concern is inconclusive.

Olisa Metuh
Olisa Metuh


My hands are itching me to add the CCT trial of President Saraki but I will refrain from doing so since his case is still ongoing, though my ‘spider-sense’ tells me that his case will join the list of unconcluded corruption cases that is now piling up in the country’s judicial system.

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Notable mentions, among unresolved corruption cases in the country

  • Farouk Lawan
  • Alex Badeh
  • High Chief Tompolo
  • Patrick Akpobolokemi


Feel free to add in the comment box, who you feel should make to the pilling list of unconcluded corruption cases in the country.


Written by : Arinze Esomnofu


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