Top Instagram Comedians Akam D Boy And Twyse_116 Talks Instagram Comedy Business And More

With the introduction of social media to into our lives, so many people with talent have used this platform to become sensations in their own light. Today, our focus will be on the business of Instagram comedy as our Business writer, Daniel Enisan, was privileged to have exclusive chat with two popular Instagram comedians; “Akam D Boi” and “twyse_116.”


Akam The Boi: Born Ayokanmi Fakeye, is an indigence of Osun state but he was raised in Lagos. “Kanmi” as he is fondly called, was privileged to travel out of the country a couple of years back to study political science at Morgan state University, Baltimore.

Recounting his journey into the online comedy business, Kanmi, stressed that it was not an easy task as it took a lot of patience and perseverance.

Speaking on how he ended up in the comedy business, the talented comedian, told us of how he had intended to play football instead of furthering his education but coincidentally, his friends encouraged him to go into comedy due to his ability to make people laugh uncontrollably. On his comic skits on Instagram, they generate over  two thousand likes and hundreds of share on Instagram.

Read his interview below:

Your journey Into Instagram comedy, What motivated to start Instagram comedy?

Akam d Boy
I was actually forced into doing anything entertainment. It wasn’t something I intended to do. I actually wanted to be a football player but some of my friends back then thought and am funny and I make a lot of people laugh so they motivated me…in-fact they forced me into entertainment.
Business wise, How lucrative do you think IG comedy is?
Hmmm Business wise, I think for now its just ok. I know it gets you shows but we still need more companies to invest in us because the amount of work and stress we put in  these videos daily is crazy lol
Do you care to share on your plans and projects?
I plan to take it full time after school. For now am working on some projects but I don’t want to spill any right now. Kanmi’s fans should just watch out some big things are coming.


 Emere  popularly known as twsye_116 on Instagram. Emere Abraham Bankole Is the only child of his parents. He is an indigene of Edo state but he move to Ibadan to live with his grandmother from the age of 3 when his dad passed on. Emere learnt more about the Yoruba language (which he uses in his videos) from Ibadan.

Read Excerpts from his interview below

What motivated you to go into comedy?

I’ve always wanted to be a pencil artist since Secondary school but things changed along the way, i grew passion for filming which i learnt via youtube and later on I started with some Falz impression but that didn’t really go on for a long time as it didn’t really define my originality, so i went ahead to start my own skits (more like a mini sitcom of a normal Nigerian local family who are just opportuned to be living abroad). It wasn’t really easy at first cos the acceptance wasn’t there at all but very few of people back then believed in my dream and that just triggered my spirit and encouraged me to push on, Shout out to my Day 1s.

How has the comedy Journey been so far?

I can’t really say for any other person but personally for me, its been quite amazing since i met @dosumu (on IG) who happens to be my Manager at the moment. Been able to grab a few deals with various corporations which has made me not really consistent with my posts on Instagram but I apologize to my fans, lol money is important. As for going into comedy, Not really but i mean if i’m ever called upon to showcase at anytime, I’m up for it.

On Your Suicide Attempt?

As for the suicide issue, all i want to say is i thank God and i thank my true fans. I pray nobody ever has the cause to go through half of my thoughts, past experience and imagination on that fateful day. I explained a bit of the whole story on my recent Snapchat Q&A video on my Youtube channel.

Any plans or project you are working on?

Majorly i’m hoping to start my own sitcom before the end of this year by the grace of God (My own way of giving back to my supporters at full length) and if the acceptance is high, then we take it on from there and continue.
8. My plan is to work on few other projects, platforms and most especially Hollywood (God knows how eager i am to do this) and from there, hopefully bring in more talents to work with me as a team, Nothing much.
Written By Daniel Enisan



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