Top 7 Most Successful African Footballers In History

George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah is definitely the greatest African player who happens to be the only African player to have won the Ballon d’Or with a lot of respect.  In 2004, he was named by Pele in the FIFA list of the world’s greatest living players. Nevertheless, there have been amazing players that have won a number of honours based on club and country, making them the most decorated African footballers in history.


Samuel Eto’o


Eto’o, has to be the first on the list with 25 major titles making him the most decorated African player after winning 4x African footballer of the year, 3x Champions League, 3x Spanish Champion, 2x Spanish cup winner, 2x Italian cup winner, 1x FIFA club world cup winner, 1x Italian super winner, 1x Italian super cup winner, 2x copa catalunya winner and 1x Olympic winner.


Didier Drogba


Drogba, on the other hand has a total of 20 major titles after winning 2x African Footballer of the year, 1 Champions League, 4x Premier League winner, 4 FA cups, 3 league cup, 1 Turkish super cup, 2 community shield, 4x footballer of the year and 1 player of the year in Ligue 1 making him the second most decorated African Player.


Nwankwo Kanu


Kanu, as he is fondly called, has won 19 major titles after winning African footballer of the year twice, 1 champions League, 2 premier league, 3 FA cups, 1 community shield, 3 Dutch champion, 1 Dutch super cup, 1 UEFA cup, 1 intercontinental cup, 1 UEFA super cup and one Olympic gold medal after beating brazil in 1996.


Yaya Toure


Yaya, is the 4th most decorated African player after winning 4x Man City footballer of the year, 1 champions league, 1 FA cup, 2 premier league, 2 league cup, 2 Spanish champion winner, 1 Spanish cup, 1 Spanish super cup, 1 Greek champion, 1 Greek cup, 1 FIFA club world cup, 1 African cup and one community shield making it a total of 19 major trophies.


Seydou Keita


Keita,  is the only African player to win the champions league twice, he also won 3 Spanish champion cups, 2 Spanish cup, 5 Spanish super cups, 1 French cup, 1 UEFA super cup and 2 FIFA world cup winners making it a total of 16 major honours in his career.


Samuel Kuffour


Kuffor, has a total of 15 major trophies during his time at Bayern where he won 1 Champions league, 6 German champions, 4 German cup winner, 1 Intercontinental cup winner, 3 footballer of the year for Ghana, making him the 6th on the list.


Mikel Obi



Mikel,  makes it to the 7th name on the list with 13 major honours with his career in Chelsea winning the champions league once, 2 premier leagues, 4 FA cups, 2 league cups, 1 EUROPA league title, 1 African cup and 2 Olympic medals completing the list of 7 most decorated African players of all time.

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