Top 7 Hollywood Celebrities Obsessed With Pokemon Go


So, we all recognise the buzz around Pokemon Go and the consequences as well right? The game that is only two weeks old based on renaissance because prior to this time the game was popular but was on ‘’Game Boy’’ and answered the name Pokemon.

The Pokémon Go’s profile has risen at lightning speed, giving WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat a run for their money. Users are spending over 43 minutes immersed in the game, according to data company Graphic. Not bad for creator Nintendo’s first venture into online gaming.

Interestingly, Pokemon Go is considered to keep very close tabs on Twitter as regards the number of logged in a day. Pokemon that just hit about 26 countries, making the most popular game in the world as it stands available to other people.

Funny enough, all shades of people are rocking the game, from kids to teens, down to adults and very elderly persons.

Amazingly, some celebrities are refusing to take the back seat and holding tight to their phones as they play Pokemon Go. Some of them are even obsessed with the game that even on tour they hold tight to their phones.

These are some of your Celebrities Playing Pokemon Go.

Josh Groban

who got the song popular all over again in 2003 ‘’You Raise Me Up.’’

Besides singing, he is also a film actor.

Their tweets show exactly what they are up to

 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is very much obsessed with playing Pokemon Go as he hit the streets in New York with his pals unfortunately, the people around never noticed him.

The gamers were too busy chasing Pokémon to look up from their phones and see one of the most popular musicians in the world playing alongside them.

He obviously had to be obsessed to be playing Pokemon Go at 12am only just two days back.



Wiz Khalifa


Khalifa needs no further introduction, but the rapper isn’t also new in the hunt for a Pokemon. These guys might be very busy, but it sure looks like with the Pokemon Go, Khalifa is finding some personal time alone.




Monica Lewinsky


You’ve probably heard about the Lewinsky scandal before but just in case you haven’t, let me do the honours. Meet Monica Lewinsky, concubine and lover of former American President, Bill Clinton. Clinton sure has some good taste but after she was involved in what is known to be one of the most famous scandals of all time, the term Lewinsky scandal came about.

Lewinsky is deciding to deal with the ignorance and the mystery surrounding Pokemon Go.



The Jonas Brothers


Presently, it hasn’t been confirmed that all of the Jonas brothers are playing Pokemon Go, but we are very sure that Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas are both playing the Pokemon Go and we were able to tell buy their tweets posted earlier within the week.





Nick Jonas might not be Playing Pokemon yet but Demi Lovato, a fellow pop star is presently on tour with Nick Jonas and this is what he had to say.


Vince Mcmahon


WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon might be 70 years old, but he stays in shape by using the weight room and stays in touch with what millennials are up to by, well, playingPokémon Go, apparently.



Chris Hardwick

@MIDNIGHT --Chris Hardwick Host, "@midnight" photo credit: Robyn Von Swank

Chris is another celebrity obsessed with playing Pokemon. Chris, who is known to be a weirdo and a geek doesn’t seem to joke with his Pokemon. The popular TV host is known to be full of humour and a fan of the Rhyhorn and an ardent supporter as well.

Chris might be known for his broadcast and popular several TV shows but interestingly, he has about 2.68 million followers on Twitter.




Josh Groban


Some people might not recognise this dude but he is an actor and a singer. He is popular for getting the song ”You Raise Me Up” popular again. He has an outstanding voice haven featured with the Legend Celine Dion.




Portia de Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres


A couple that plays together definitely stays together. The couple are definitely rocking the Pokemon and showing of their PDA’s.

There are still others rocking the game and we intend to bring them closer when we find them. If there’s one thing about this game that we are very sure about is that the Pokemon Go is very addictive and its no surprise that regardless of how busy theses celebs are, they still deliberately make time out for Pokemon Go.

Remember, all work and no play makes Muyiwa and Jennifer a dull boy and girl. the whole point is to create time for you and enjoy having fun.










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