Top 7 Highest Goal Scorers In The Premier League History

We are seven games into the season with the Premier League proving time and again as the best league in the world, one of the questions in the minds of many is that who would be the highest goal scorer this season and maybe someday join the greatest.

We dont only have the best managers in the Premier League this season but also the best of striker like Diego Costa, Aguero, Sanchez, Kane, Vardy and many more, but before then these are your top 7 goal scorers of all time in the Premier League.


Alan Shearer, born 13th of August 1970 is a retired professional footballer. He played in the top level of the Premier League when the Newcastle’s, Blackburn Rovers and Southampton were the big guns but he would always be remembered for his time at Newcastle and he turned out to be their greatest player ever scoring a record of 260 in the Premier League of which 58 were penalties and a record of 11 Premier League hat-tricks.


Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

Wayne Mark Rooney plays his football on the bench for Manchester United. Born 24th October 1985 starting his professional career in 2002 playing for Everton before joining the red devils in 2004 where he captains.  He is the second highest goalscorer in the Premier scoring 188 goals and still counting actually.


Andrew Alexander Cole popularly called “Andy” Cole born 15th October 1971 would be remembered by the faithful Manchester United fans but he started his football in Arsenal making just one appearance for the Gunners and later joined Man U where he became a hero. He played in over 10 clubs in England including Manchester City scoring 187 goals in 414 games played in the Premier League.


Frank James Lampard currently plays his football for New York City FC in Major League Soccer. Born 20th June 1978 and started is humble career in West Ham United before joining Chelsea and played for the ‘’blues ‘’ for 13years becoming Chelsea’s highest goal scorer with 188 goals and arguably one of the greatest midfielders in the world during his time. He is also in the all time number of assist with a number of titles and awards. He is amongst one of the most decorated English player till date.


Let’s make welcome ‘’igwe,’’ king and master of placing his shots becoming his trade mark with an enormous pace and skill. Starting his career at Monaco and a few years later joined Arsenal from Juventus, becoming one of the greatest players for Arsenal FC with a record for highest goal scored for both club and country. Thierry Daniel Henry is presently the assistant manager of the Belgium national team but during his time at Arsenal FC he scored 175 goals in 258 games played, he indeed is the King of Arsenal born 17th August 1977.


Robert Bernard Fowler popularly known as Robbie Fowler and he is best remembered for his time at Liverpool where he made his mark ranked the 6th highest goal scorer in the Premier League with a total of 162 goals and often called a god by the Liverpool fans after his goal poaching ability you wouldn’t blame the Liverpool fans.

Michael Owen

Michael James Owen, born 14th December is presently a pundit and a football co-commentator at BT Sports but would always be remembered for his time at Liverpool where he learnt to never walk alone scoring a record of 163 goals with 379 games played. He was the kind of player you could judge for his height and get surprised on the pitch. He is the youngest player to have reached 100 goals in the Premier League.

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