Top 7 Most Handsome Men In Football

Over the years, Arsenal F.C have produced some of the finest men in football, not only in their skills but their physique as well.

Today, we will be showcasing the top 7 most handsome men the game of soccer can boastr of. Got your drink and popcorn ready, lets go!

Theo Walcott



Mirror mirror who’s the fairest of them all? Theo Walcott, the man that single handedly garnered millions of female supporters for Arsenal, yes, Walcott, is the most handsome of them all. His baby face, curly hair and fit physique, have made many ladies and guys alike drool. Theo Walcott is totally flawless outside the football pitch.


Ricardo Kaka


Ricardo Kaka, I don’t see anyone close to him that could match Theo Walcott. Kaka is simply just adorable and it’s not just his looks but his character as well. He is the whole package in terms of footballer and lifestyle. He currently plays for Orlando City SC in Major League soccer.


Aaron Ramsey


Aaron Ramsey, reminds me of Hollywood actor, Channing Tatum.In-fact, in my opinion, Ramsey, should be a movie star. Easy on the eye, great hair and of course great physique.

Mario Gotze


Mario Gotze, is another baby faced handsome dude. The young German, is the second most expensive German player to date, with Mesut Özil, being the first. He is the 4th most handsome man with plenty swag to his credit.

Dimitri Payet


Dimitri Payet, certainly is one of the best in the world in football at the moment but he is also among’st the finest as well.

Cesc Fabregas


Cesc Fabregas, sometimes called Fabrepass due to his exceptional good sight of creating nothing out of something with the ability to find a player. This hot fine man has a eyes that just captures the heart of everyone making him the 6th most finest men in soccer.

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Robin Van Persie


Robin Van Persie, known as the Vampire. He has one of the best left foots in the world. His oval shaped face, his trademark hair style, and of course his sexy sexy eyes makes him the 7th most handsome men in football.

People like Willian, Ronaldo and Ozil are among’st the honorable mention for this list.

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