Top 5 Ways To Transform Your Look With A Blazer

Personally, I feel, every girl should have a blazer in her closet, it is an essential for that girl who wants to look chic and trendy for whatever occasion.

Are you that type of person who loves being simple yet chic? You just want to put on your shirt and jean and head out, or you are that type of girl who loves dressing up in summery dresses and just needs an edge to your look? Look no further…we will be giving you ways you can wear a blazers to make you stand out instantly.

It might be on a simple shirt and jean, a summery dress or even an LBD, we’ve got you today.

Here are the top five ways you can pair a blazers with your outfit to instantly make you stand out wherever you are.


  1. Blazer on a jean and t-shirt: this look could only transfer the simplest of looks to instant sophistication. A girl could never go wrong with this kind of get-up.



2. Crop top, skirt and a blazers: Yes, you rocked the hell out of your crop top during summer and you just want to keep looking hawt and trendy with this same outfit. Look no further than a blazer to transform your summery look to an instant boss like fun look. Match you crop top, a straight cut skirt or flare one with a beautiful blazers and instantly become the cynosure of all eyes.



3. Blazer and LBD; You have that late night event and need to step out in the cold night, why not pair your lbd with a fancy blazers to instantly transform you to that unique spec.



4. Blazer and a short flare dress: Keep feeling the sun and cool air yet looking gorgeously chic in a blazer and short summery dress. Pairing a blazers with a short dress, is an instant hit for any body type.


5. Blazer with an office shirt: Tired of wearing just a shirt and pant trousers to work every week, even the look to you, has become really boring and you are at a loss as to how to up things in your fashion world, pair a blazer with your shirt and pant trouser and boom, you become boss fun lady.


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Temitope Delano

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