Top 5 Tips In Identifying A Scam Job Interview (MUST READ)

Scam-AlertTo an unemployed individual nothing comes more soothing to the eyes and mind respectively than a text message with the title ‘INTERVIEW’.

They jump, they celebrate, and the song on their lips will be “Baba God oh, pick up, pick up” and all they look in the message is date and venue, totally ignoring every other detail. Only to get to the venue to discover that there have been scammed.

While there are no much jobs out there, sadly, the rate of job scam increases by the day. So we felt it wise to share with our esteemed readers these tips on identifying scam interview invite, so we wont fall victim ton these scammers.

  1. No shortlisted position: This is the fastest way in identifying a scam interview invite. They just tell you to come for a job interview bla…bla….bla, sometimes they call it ‘job briefing’ (I wonder what that even mean self). A reputable firm will inform you duly of the position you applied in your interview invite.
  2. They fix their interview in a hurry: Biko, please ask them where they are running to? You will just receive a text message informing you of an interview the next day. My brother it’s a scam oh!! A firm up to standard hardly do this. Most times you are given at least three days’ notice before the interview date.
  3. You barely remember when you apply for the job: Seeing an interview invite on your phone, you look deep into the company inviting you and you just can’t remember when you applied for such job, hmmmm!! Something is fishy. Put on your ‘scam alert cap’ be vigilant, look again, if you still can’t remember such company, Google becomes your friend, check them up, if on Google search all you are seeing is recruitment here and there on the searched company, no official website. Hmmmm!! Your ‘scam alert’ notification should be getting higher by now, because it’s falls likely that, it is definitely a scam interview invite.
  4. Attachment of reference code numbers: those numbers are codes of the particular scammer that is inviting you to the ‘scam interview’. The essence is that, should you fall victim and pay them a certain ‘registration money’ that they will definitely ask for. Your referrer with that code gets a chunk of your money for bringing you.
  5. Trust your guts: Now, this is virtually the most important of all the tips we have stated. You should trust your guys in issues like this. What’s your guts telling you about the interview invite? When you first saw the text what did your mind say, “Scam or Real”. That’s your guts speaking we do urge that you listen.

Believe me, it’s not only the innocent that are reading this piece now, those scammers are probably reading this to make good their tactics, hence the need for the ‘guts factor’.

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Ok let me not call it guts, let’s use something you are more familiar with, trust your ‘mind’ most times your ‘mind’ don’t lie.

Are there any tactics of job scammers that we did not include in our list, feel free to let us know in the comment session, so others learn from you.

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