Top 5 Things We Learnt From Donald Trump’s Republican Convention

donald-trumpThe all controversial ‘Donald One’ is back again and this time around things are really!! Really!! Working in the favor of Mr. Trump. For starters he is no longer the presumptive republican candidate, rather he is the presidential flag bearer of the Republican Party.

Trump is not your conventional politician, most things he does or say are highly politically incorrect, yet he thrives, why? Because Trump appears highly relatable, people can understand him, they can relate with; perhaps his every acts, hence his triumph so far.

During the recently concluded convention, Trump made the crowd go wild in applause when he said “I’m with you,” Trump said. “I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”

Here are 7 things we learnt from the Republican convention


Ivanka, will make a terrific politician

Trump, was introduced Thursday night by his daughter-turned-confidante Ivanka — perhaps the speaker Republican delegates were most eager to see besides the nominee himself.

Her biggest strength: Trump’s composed, well-spoken daughter — a powerful figure in her own right — could validate her father with women, who at this stage polls show holding overwhelmingly negative views of him.

Ivanka Trump, touted her father as “colorblind and gender-neutral,” and made a lengthy call for equal pay for women, saying her father has a personal record of promoting female figures within the Trump Organization.

“Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career,” she said. “He will fight for equal pay for equal work, and I will fight for this right alongside of him.”

Her speech would’ve fit at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week. It left social media buzzing about her own political prospects.

Trump spoke of her father more in professional than personal capacities — though she recalled, as a child, “constructing miniature buildings with Legos while he did the same with concrete, steel and glass.”

Family support was largely felt

Pence delivered a solid speech Wednesday night, and Trump’s friend and fellow businessman Tom Barrack delivered a wedding toast-style stemwinder Thursday night. But only a Trump can sell a Trump.

It was impossible to tune into the GOP convention without noticing just how thoroughly Trump’s campaign is a family affair.

The most effective speeches of the week came from Trump’s kids: Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric and Tiffany all captured the audience’s attention. And his youngest son, Baron, came onto the stage with wife Melania at the end of the night Thursday.

Trump’s children’s speeches were mostly short on personal anecdotes — the kinds of revealing stories about their father that Trump himself often seems uncomfortable (cut with) sharing.

But their approach to the week in Cleveland — eating dinners together, walking into the arena together, staring down Ted Cruz together — left the feeling that voters are getting an entire clan. And voters might like the rest of that clan just as much — or maybe even more — as the nominee himself.

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Melania Plagiarism controversy professionally handled

The convention got off to a rocky start message-wise when a portion of Melania Trump’s Monday night remarks — a testimonial to her husband’s values — turned out to be plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

It was a mess made worse by the 36 hours of denials and deflections. Trump’s advisers spent Tuesday pointing fingers at one another, while RNC strategist Sean Spicer invoked “Twilight Sparkle from ‘My Little Pony'” in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, to attempt to demonstrate that similar phrases have come from a host of public figures.

That ended Wednesday, when Meredith McIver, a family friend and writer for the Trump organization, issued as statement saying she was the person responsible for lifting phrases for Melania’s speech. McIver apologized and offered to resign, but said the Trumps did not accept her resignation.

For a candidate who’s a master of stagecraft and whose selling point is his competency, it was a troubling signal that his campaign was struggling to pull off a pre-planned event over which it exerted total control.

It Witnessed The Death Of The #NeverTrump Movement

The anti-Trump movement was crushed on the convention floor in one epic, made-for-TV moment.

Forget the rules fights of the last two weeks, all won by Trump’s camp. The real battle began when Ted Cruz took the stage Wednesday night and refused to endorse Trump, telling delegates to “vote your conscience.”

Cruz was booed off the stage in a dramatic moment of political theater.

Trump’s counter-attack during the speech was carefully orchestrated. Cruz had showed Trump’s campaign his speech two hours before he took the stage, and on the convention floor, Trump floor whips were seen actively encouraging the booing that helped drown out the end of his remarks.

Trump also walked into the arena as Cruz’s speech concluded, pulling the national television cameras off the Texas senator and onto himself.

Cruz had been outmaneuvered one final time in the 2016 campaign, and opponents of Trump were out of options to block his nomination or even voice their opposition at his convention.

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All eyes will now be on Philadelphia

With the RNC over, the political circus heads to Philadelphia and the Democratic convention.

Hillary Clinton and a vice presidential nominee to be named shortly will have four days of theater to respond to Trump.

The plan for Democrats is clear. The party’s two most recent presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, will tout Hillary Clinton’s ability to carry their party’s torch.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, will fire up the liberal base — talking about some of the fear and economic uncertainty Americans feel.

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