Top 5 Ridiculous Things Nigerian Artistes Do Once They Become Famous


You would thing an artiste who became an hit following years of hustle and toil, will learn to live according to his means, but no, they never deem average lifestyle as being cool, living the extravagant, fake, lifestyle is the definition to being cool in their books.

Not wasting anymore ofyour time, are the top 5 Ridiculous Things Nigerian Artistes Do Once They Become Famous

The Lekki Craze


One too many Nigerian acts, are guilty of this. Immediately their first single has the success tag on it, they join the fast and furious gang and arrive in Lekki within two days, Question though, why put your impoverished self through a hellish experience of having to resort to doing college gigs, road side concerts and famzing, just to pay your next rent, a rent immediately you pay, you are back on your Ajegunle hustle wave?

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From piercing their ears and noses, to getting tattoos, to even walking around with body guards, Nigerian artistes, seem to have their own definition of success different from everyone else. I have often wondered, why anyone in their right minds would want to get inked, but till date,the answer still eludes me. We all must have come across few acts who had really supple and ink free skin until success came calling. The moment their first three singles became a hit, boom, they became a canvass. Getting symbolic tattoos in foreign languages they have not an iota of understanding of. Quick one Emeka, why do you have a Chinese Symbol on your arm when you neither speak nor understand the language?



These artistes suddenly forget where they started. The same person who use to pick your call on the first few rings before fame came calling, won’t bother glancing at the phone to even check caller ID, once fame sets in. To make matters worse, when they eventually pick up, and you set on talking business with them, you hear the, ‘talk to my manager’ phrase. There was a time, you could speak with a friend without anyone coming in as an intermediary, remember?



LOL, this gets me every time. A few who maybe have been opportuned to go on a month tour to the US, come back home and start speaking English with both US and UK accent…..child please. I know of an artiste who once pronounced the word, ‘better’ the right way suddenly thought it cool to pronounce the word as  ‘Berra’, all in a bid to sound ridiculously lame or laughably foreign [my opinion]. You are a Nigerian, you talk with a Nigerian accent, sing or rap in the same accent, but when it comes to doing an interview, you suddenly develop a worrisome feat you term as an American/British accent. Sad.



A particular year, all I could make of this was an epidemic finally being unleashed on the male acts in the industry. From the veterans to the new ones who barely made it unto the charts, they all suddenly joined the baby mama click. There is a reason why you have a girlfriend and several types and flavors of condom guys, calm the hell down.

Lets make this more fun, tell us few more things Nigerian artistes do once they become famous.


Written by: Tope Delano


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