Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Own A 3D Printer


The truth is that 3D printing is still science fiction to a lot of people and the idea that you can have a machine, send in a digital design, a 3D design and then print out to a physical model is totally mind blowing.

Just in case you still don’t get what I mean, let me break it down. Now, imagine designing a house but in a 3D format, sent to a 3D printing machine and then it actually prints out the house in a 3D format, exactly based on the design.

This level of technology is very much used in the science world, ears and body parts are printed now to replace human parts, this is no magic but some high level of science. This phase was created to help in the army to replace the parts of injured soldiers, but the truth is that with a 3D printer you can actually get whatever you want.

If this is still looking like Abstract, the video below would help a lot to explains all the noise behind 3D printing.

If You Can Make It Why Buy It?

Okay, so if you can make anything you need or want, would you go through the stress of buying it?

The truth is that with a 3D printer, you can make virtually anything you want like a paper towel holder, a garlic press, a shower head, an iPhone case and many more.

Naturally, one of the things people consider buying things is time of delivery and how much it cost. But if you’re going to buy something that cost probably less that it did at the mall and waiting for generations eagerly waiting for the delivery guy, wouldn’t you rather just design and print it especially in your own convenience.

Getting Exactly What You Want

Now! This is a serious issue. Too many times too often you give a description of a design probably in your house and the designer messes it all up or maybe it’s a house design and its either the numbers don’t just add up or does something below standard.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about 3D printing is that it can free you from the limitations of what has already been manufactured. With a 3D printer, you can create anything you want, within the capabilities of your printer model or the service you’re using. Want to dress up as your boss for Halloween? You can print a mask of her face.

You can customize your own shoes and clothes literally. You can have something, anything specially made for you.


Design Things And Sell

Imagine that you design things, maybe a stylish bowl or a customized phone case and after printing you sell. You put in very little effort and then get so much in return just from 3D printing.

Do you have a lot of ideas but not so much craftsmanship skill? 3D printing could be your doorway to a new business.

Funny enough, thousands of people are making a lot of money from 3D printing, some people have gone as far as selling beads from 3D printing with amazing money coming in from little effort and low cost.

Educate Your Kids

Making sure your kids get the best education possible isn’t always an easy task. Public schools are often overcrowded, and private schools can be extremely expensive. The alternative, then, is to either supplement your child’s current curriculum.

Whether you’re a teacher, a homeschooling parent or just someone with science-curious kids, a 3D printer can be a great tool for learning and exploration. A teacher in New Jersey used a 3D printer to help kids as young as 11 design and create their robots. Lots of parents have delighted their kids by turning their artwork into toys.

Replace Broken Parts

Replacement parts can be so difficult or expensive to obtain that many only slightly-broken appliances and other items get trashed instead of fixed. Not only do companies often charge a lot to send you a replacement part, sometimes the part you need is no longer available.

Interestingly, you can even replace parts for your car if there’s a damage or the owner feels like changing the part for better functionality then why not?

The surprising thing about 3D printing is that its so difficult to believe but it’s absolutely true and does exist.

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