Top 5 Reasons Why Ladies Do Not Date Nice Guys


Some days ago, I got a mail from one of my avid readers on him having just been dumped. I asked him, did she give you a reason as to why she broke up with you and this was what he said:

She said, am too nice, and she just can not handle so much niceties in her life. She already has it from her family, her man shouldn’t be”


Yes, that face most of you are making now, is the same face i wore when I read his mail.

I have heard all sorts of reasons why ladies break up with guys, but for a lady to actually say this out loud…lost for words.

So this is what I did after i want to believe was able to partially help mend my readers broken heart, I took this question to the streets, ‘Why really do women prefer being with bad guys other than good guys,’ and I got a lot of reasons why this happens.

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So here guys, here are the top 5 reasons why women do not date nice yes.


  1. Nice Guys are predictable: when you are predictable everything you do or say becomes boring and absolutely no one wants to be in a boring relationship. Every girl loves to be surprised, but what fun is there when you know the exact gift he will get you, the exact place he will take you to eat, or the activities he picks when you guys are together. Huh….no sir, I’l take a bad boy over a nice guy.

maxresdefault2. The sex is just as Nice as they are: we all grew up watching intense steamy love making scenes in movies ultimately end up being maybe not so rough but just as mind blowing. A nice guy can never give such. What could get the juice flowing and the sex mind blowing than adding different tricks and turns to your sex life. A mind blowing sex for 99.9% of women is one of the major reasons why most relationships even if sore in the home front is just so deep in the back-end(Catch my drift/)


3. Nice guys are not real: They are way too nice, they never show their real feelings as they always want to seem as the perfect little Peter. We all have bad days, but a nice guy will never show when he is having one of those days, they prefer bottling up the feeling, which truth be told, only puts them out there as fake ass Ni***as. Women love men who are real.

giphy-2_73. Most Nice Guys are just not as physical strong: I know a couple of women, who intentionally starts a fight all because they know there man, is strong enough to handle any situation they do find themselves in even if its just an illusion. Women, love strong men, that’s a tale as old as the word tale itself.


4. They have no opinion of there own: absolutely nothing is sexy about a woman who never voices his own opinion about any decision jointly taken. You agree with everything the woman says, hey nice guys, nothing is sexy about that and no woman will want to date a doormat.


5. Nice guys are just not sexy: when the words ‘Nice guy’ is said, one automatically pictures a guy who is in no way sexy at all. Bad boys, are sexy. They know just the right way to dress, the right moves, the right everything to do that instantly transforms them into a sexy god. You get tagged as a nice guy, sorry to say this, means can never be found in the ‘So Hot’ department.

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