Top 5 Reasons Why Nigerians Are In Doubt Over President Buhari Promised Change

During the Pre-2015 elections in Nigeria, the polity was tensed, and filled with a strong aura of unpredictability. For once in Nigerians election’s history, we walked to the pooling units not knowing who will become our next president. Though not too much of our surprise that “Sai Baba” won, because in honesty Nigerians were in dire need of ‘change’ and Buhari preached most on that.

Coming to the present day Nigeria, I have just one question, “where is the ‘change’ “? And please don’t be quick to say, it’s in progress, or it’s a gradual process, for things are really moving backwards. And am pretty sure it’s not just me noticing this.

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The president’s popularity among a vast majority of the masses is in steady decline, sadly; even some northerners are in doubt over his ability to govern the nation.

Here are five reasons why Nigerians are in doubt on the president’s ability to bring the ‘change’ he promised us during the 2015 elections.


  1. FAILED #5,000 PROMISE: remember the promise to pay our unemployed graduates ‘5k’ before they can get a job of theirs, and how he quick he was in reversing the promise, saying “the government can’t afford it”. Obviously insinuating that he did not think much before making those campaign promises.
  1. INCESSANT FOREIGN TRIPS: many have nicknamed the president “Ajala the traveler “. The president as at February 2016 have visited 26 countries, a trend of his that have got Nigerians talking. Saying that the president should focus on the internal problems ravaging our country instead of his incessant expensive foreign trips.
President Buhari on a trip to AU summit.
President Buhari on a trip to AU summit.


  1. NAIRA DOLLAR RELATION: The current Dollar – Naira ‘palava’ has turned Nigerians to forex experts, as Nigerians now stay abreast of current price of the ‘almighty’ Dollar to the Naira.               Also, the relationship between dollar and virtual every goods and services in Nigeria is amazing. Once the dollar adjusts a little, everything else follows suits. A trend that have caused unbearable hardship on the common man.
  1. MINISTER’S CHOICE: post May 29, we started clamoring for the president to introduce us to his ministerial team, a wait that lasted more than any other democratic administration we have witnessed. And when the list was finally unveiled, we say virtually everyone that had one or two roles to play in the president’s election victory making the list. Then and only then did most Nigerians conclude that perhaps this administration will be business as usual.
President Buhari in an official photograph with his ministers.
President Buhari in an official photograph with his ministers.


  1. FUEL CRISES: This is coming last in my list because, despite the tragic fact that we are still suffer from this ugly crises. It is a very bitter pill to swallow as almost everything important to the common man gets affected by the slightest change in price of P.M.S (premium motor spirit), ‘ I pass my neighbor generator’, prices of buses, cost of most goods in the market and a whole lots of them.

Have you seen queues in any fuel station selling at the normal pump rates, it can easily stresh from mile 2 to coker and back. Am going to end this with a quote from Adamu my favorite shoeshine, when I asked for his comment on the state of the economy. Hear him ” Customer, help me beg President Muhammadu Buhari, make him leave our country for us like this. We no want him ‘changi’ again “.

fuel queues in Lagos
fuel queues in Lagos

Written by: Arinze Esomnofu

Twitter @arinzeesom


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