5 Lucrative Business Ideas In Lagos

There is a saying “if you can’t find it in Lagos, you cannot find it anywhere else”.

Lagos is the most commercial state in Nigeria, it is also one of the largest cities in Africa with a growing population of about 20 million people. In Nigeria, Lagos remains one of the best states to set up a business.

Lagos is the business hub, the commercial centre of Nigeria. People come to Lagos to breed business ideas as most of the locally made commodities originate from this city.

A smart investor would want to take advantage of the growing population and make money from meeting certain needs of the residents.


Some of the hot businesses you can do in Lagos include:

1. Food Delivery Service: A huge percentage of the Lagos population is made up of working class people and with the traffic situation in the city; residents could barely have time for themselves. For instance most people find themselves rushing to work as early as 4:00 am and also coming back home as late as 10:00npm due to heavy traffic. Food is a necessity everyone at a point during their daily routine must find time to fill their belly. A smart investor can make use of this means to start up a a classic food delivery service for the working class, one can set up a website where people subscribe to either monthly delivery or weekly services that would provide at least two square meal daily.

Aside from this one call also set up a small scale restaurant or fast food shop within your neighborhood to serve those who come in late from work and don’t have time to cook.

2. Home Cleaning service: Everyone love a clean home and environment but because of the busy lives of most residents of Lagos, there isn’t much time to thoroughly clean their homes and even the surroundings; as they would have loved it. This is why home cleaning services is now a hot business in Lagos. house-cleaning-columbus-ohio

You could make a minimum of N1, 000 daily from cleaning just one home. So with extra help, you are able to clean 50 homes daily that’s like N50, 000 in a day.

3. Real Estate Agent : If there is one group of professionals and non-professionals that hold the ace in Lagos, then it is the real estate agents. As is the case with most overpopulated cities, accommodation is a huge challenge in Lagos and estate agents are banking on this trend to rip off desperate home seekers. You can become a real estate agent and make huge commission from genuinely helping people gettheir dream homes. estate-agents-505x306_c

Also real estate management is a booming business because it has no season at any time within the year people always seek to relocate.

4. Employment Agency: This is a business opportunity that I don’t need to stress much on, as you already know the unemployment problems Nigeria is facing; with Lagos holding the highest number of unemployed people (graduates and non-graduates ). With your own Lagos-based employment agency, you will make money from linking job seekers with companies that are looking for capable employees to fill vacant positions.

sure bet                   

5. Betting Service: Everyone seek a legitimate short cut means towards making end means, which is the reason most people dabble into gambling and patronizing lottery.

Gambling cuts across age or tribe or even social class. Betting is a common habit among youth.


Written Daniel Enisan


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