Top 5 Effective Natural Skin Bleaching Products That Has No Side Effect

6 out of 10 young women these days have lightened their skin or is set on doing this. However, most of these women end up with their skin tone unbalanced. Some end up with fairer face but darker neck or vice versa.

A few others, deal with dark pigmentation of the skin due to prolong exposure to sun or skin bleaching products everywhere in the market now.

Now lightening your skin is entirely your decision and if you have decided on going on with this and would want to avoid discolored skin, we would be giving you some natural product that can help lighten your skin without the fear of side effect.


  1. Yogurt and dried orange peel: Orange as we know is full of vitamin C, which is extremely good for the skin. it also has some bleaching properties. This can also be found in yogurt, as it contains lactic acid. Simply grind the orange peel. Mix one tablespoon of the orange powder with one tablespoon of yogurt into a paste, apply mixture to face and leave for 20mins before washing. This should be repeated three times  a week for fast result.


2. Lemon: I doubt there is a fruit with natural bleaching properties as much as lemon. Simply apply one half of the           lemon unto your face, rubbing in circular motion. Allow it stay for thirty minutes before washing off with                      lukewarm water. Do this everyday for best result. Skin moisturizer can be applied onto the face afterwards as                 lemon can make the skin dry.



3.   Tomatoes Juice: Crush this vegetable, mix with yogurt and apply the paste onto face, allow sit for 15minutes                 then wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this every two days. You can also consume one plum tomatoes each            day. This   help the skin glow and get fairer.


4.   Papaya: Eating pawpaw on a daily basis can help lighten the skin and make it glow. You can also have two                    slices  of this fruit crushed, add some lemon juice and apply mixture unto the face. Allow it sit for 20mins                      before washing it off.



5. This combo is know for its effective skin lightening properties. Simply grind the almonds into powder form, mix                with milk to form a thick paste and apply daily for fast result.


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Temitope Delano

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