Top 4 Apps You Must Have In Your car

It is one thing to have a good car, and it is completely another thing to have a good car with amazing Apps to work with.

With growing technology around the world, many more apps to make riding in the car more enjoyable, has been developed by experts.

One major thing people pay attention to is the dashboard, how slick and beautiful it is says alot about the driver and what he loves and pays attention to.

So what is your dashboard saying about you?

Nevertheless, we look at some Apps designed to make driving easy in style and class.



Once, a bulky Sat Nav (or GPS) unit was your only option if you wanted a gadget to guide you to your destination. Now, the likes of TomTom and Garmin offer apps, saving you from carrying yet another object around with you.

Available for various regions on both iOS and Android, TomTom is free for the first 50 miles of use each month, but requires a subscription for unlimited use.

Giving it the edge over free solutions such as Google Maps, TomTom offers speed camera warnings, giving you a heads up when it comes to upcoming speed traps. Its interface is also comparatively clutter-free, making it much easier to glance at while driving.



When i first saw this, i was really thrilled because this App is something else and you don’t get this every day.

Dashcams are increasingly popular accessories for cars. Being able to record your journeys means you have concrete evidence in case of an accident, but it also means you can capture some fantastic footage as so many Russian dashcams have over the years.

Carcorder and a dashboard mount turns your iPhone into a capable dashcam, allowing you to switch between multiple resolutions, track your location, and know when you’re driving too fast. It’s not as comprehensive as a dedicated unit, it’s an excellent starting place if you ask me.




You will agree with me that one of the major causes of accidents has come from distractions from our cell phones. Probably it falls under the seat while trying to answer a call or its either one is searching for their phones.

This has led to a high percentage of deaths, leaving some injured.

The iCarMode has been designed to save you stress and putting your life and other family members in danger.

Allowing you to use your dashboard mounted iPhone safely, iCarMode offers up a big buttoned display, making it simple for you to activate a music player, call your friends, and check for places nearby.

Custom app shortcuts support apps such as Spotify, Audible, and TuneIn Radio, saving you from having to look at overly small buttons every time you want to make an adjustment on your trip. A night mode means it’ll fit into the aesthetics of your car too.

For older cars, it’s an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer.

Viz World and Total Traffic2

Beat The Traffic

This phenomenal App was designed for lagos owners and drivers of cars, including chauffeurs, that’s on a lighter note though, but with this App, you get saved from spending long hours on the road.

Your daily commute is a drive that you can almost do in your sleep. You don’t need guidance on how to get there, but you do need to know when a traffic jam or incident is in your way.

Beat traffic  provides real-time traffic updates, crowd sourced by other users, before providing you with a new quickest route to dodge the issue. All for 100% free.

Spot an incident that hasn’t been reported yet? Simply shake your device to give others the heads up. You’ll always know just how delayed you’re going to be.

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