Top 3 Reasons Why Robots Will Take Over Civilization In The Near Future


If you pay attention to current events surrounding the world of technology, you might agree with me that the world is coming to an end next month, okay, maybe next month was a little bit of an exaggeration but, truth be told, most of the science fictions we labelled as impossible has turned out in our present world as realities of the 21st century.

Today, we have robots, virtually on every nook and cranny of the streets, taking up jobs, naturally meant to be done by humans an act that one time was considered to be unrealistic.


These jobs, known to be made for men which are two sided (bad and good), are now seen as easy tasks for robots as majority of these robots are without feelings. An example of a bad act by a robot was a recent killing in Dallas, during the #blacklivesmatter protest, where the robot was sent in with a bomb.

Having said all these, here are top 3 why we think robots will take over civilization in the nearest future.



They Will Be Better In Your Job

I would like to let you know that this is one of the hardest and controversial topics to write on, especially when the speculations are true that one day a robot will come take my position in my job and that probably leaves me with no job and trust me, no one wants to know they have a replacement.

The sad truth is that robots, are already taking over jobs in some part of the country and companies are having no choice but to let workers go as to the fact this robots have proven to be better at the jobs especially the fact that they never get tired or take a nap as regards stress. They don’t look forward to lunch breaks or have to get pensive on what to eat or drink.

They will definitely be better because they have no limitations compared to a human who will get angry and frustrated at work.

And most importantly, no company want to worry about pension and salaries, when they can have a robot working tirelessly with no pay.


They Have A Retentive Memory

Robots now control traffic and the irony of it is that they do it so well reducing the traffic jam and preventing accidents on the road. They never forget and always do what they are told without questioning what they are told.

They respond to saving lives and the truth is that in the near feature I think they will drive our cars, manage our healthcare, teach our children, oversee our infrastructure, trade our stocks, etc.

The other day, a robot was created to help in the kitchen as it took care of the dishes putting them in the dishwasher and after wards, took its time to arrange the kitchen.



They Might Be Better Partners

It was only just recently a report came out that robots would be better wives, I wonder why they never mentioned husbands as well, but the truth is the world is on another level at the moment.

Robots are being created to take over women in their homes and might take not just their kitchens alone but even their bed as they create robots that could sleep with men.

Very soon, robots will be getting married in legitimate weddings and some people have said since they can’t die, they might be better wives and maybe husbands too.

The near future isn’t that far anymore, a large number of things like this are already happening, cars are driving humans and the world is moving fast.

I can only be left with this question, do you think the world would be a better place with Robots in our society?

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