Top 3 Reasons Why The Self-Driving Car Should Never Be Fully Autonomous


If you happen to be among the lot who follow trending news in the world of technology or not, there is a certainty that at one point or the other, you must have heard passively an account on the self-driving car. It could either be on the high rise of the potential cars on roads in the next few years, to car brands like Toyota, Volkswagen and other cars moving in that direction as well.

The interesting thing about the self-driving car is that, it all started as mere science fiction full of impossibilities, but here we are talking about self-driving cars in reality.

Tesla was the first company to start in the production of self-driving cars before the likes of Google, Uber and Ford that have personally thrived in the production of such cars and the truth is that Tesla has been very successful until recently when the news of a self-driving car involved in an accident surfaced online. The passenger, who was an ex-Navy Officer, was said to have been watching popular movie, Harry Porter, when the accident happened.

With the recent reports of accident the self driving car has been involved in, it would be unfair not to state some of the advantages of the car which includes:

1. It can’t be stolen: Before the introduction of the car into the market, there were several cases of stolen cars the police had to deal with, but with the introduction of the self driving car, this is because with the new technological car comes a passcode. This code is the only way anyone can open the car and get into. It also boasts of a chip which can immediately track the car should it be stolen.

2. It senses danger: The self driving car also senses dangers way ahead which is another reason why it promises to be full of safety precautions with a built in safety check and sensor. It’s comfortable and provides the option to even take a nap.

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After all have been said, as much as this car looks like a guaranty without flaws for the future, i would like to sadly make an announcement that this self-driving car full of precaution also have cracks on its walls.


Like Any Other Machine They Malfunction

One of such is that it’s only a machine created like Adam by God. Not to necessarily say they’re gods but this are just mere humans and they make mistakes. In fact, we are full of mistakes and we don’t always make the right decision. In other words, reports might say it’s perfect but in the end it’s just a machine created by a human. There would be no such thing as perfect.

In relation to that, on the first of July 2016, Tesla recorded its second accident although, reports have said the car isn’t at fault and investigations are still ongoing, notwithstanding, there was an accident at the end of the day, proving it’s not perfect.

When The Drivers Lose Their Jobs What Next?

Another cogent question that should be asked is what happens to the drivers who make a living from it? The truth is that thousands, if not millions of people would lose their jobs if ever the self-driving car proves to be fully competent.

Its going to all end up in a rat race, from losing their jobs to trying anything to make a living from and only God knows the definition of anything but i doubt that the streets would be safe for a number of people which means putting lives at risk if you ask me, but if you ask ‘’na who i go ask?’’

Where Would All The Emotions Go?

One of the beauties of driving a car is the part that leaves you smiling after a bend or how you overtake a car leaving feeling thrilled on top gear. Am afraid driving might get boring with the self-driving car.

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Emotions come into play when driving. a quick example. Have you ever been on the road and having to give an opportunity to a driver to pass by or a passenger to walk by or probably something close to that which is definitely instilled by emotions.

I would call it empathy, which means having to put yourself in the same position as others. Now, when you’re faced with a situation like that, what happens to this self-driving car? What decisions would it make?

Nevertheless, we hope as regards the episodes of accidents surrounding the self-driving car, the season can be over and more people can be at rest with peace of mind.

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