Top 3 Home Gadgets You Can Get For Your Loved One


download (13)Today is all about the guys. Hopefully I can push you into buying a gift for me as well. Am sure you’ve been hearing the phrase “Beard Gang.” A lot of guys aren’t shaving of recent. You would even wonder why, what’s going on? It’s definitely not because of low funds but you can use the woman power and get him the “Flexball.”

A product by Gillette, a shaving brand known for its style and beauty. Why can’t you get him a gift as a shaving stick that’s very “fresh.” With the Flexball you don’t have to worry about changing blades.

You will not have to throw out your Gillette Fusion five-bladed razors. This is essentially an update to the Fusion line. Seriously, why is there a battery in a razor that makes it vibrate? At least the “FlexBall” technology makes sense.

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Essentially, the key point here is that it swivels more. You know how, when you’re trying to get at that last cluster of hairs on your face, you twist it up like you just ate a whole lemon? Gillette claims you no longer have to do that, and that you can fit their Flexballs into all those hard to reach little crevasses on your face as it rotates left and right as well as up and down. Yes, there are actual Flexballs in the handle. They are giant and orange. Yes, it looks silly.

Every man has, at some point, used a “women’s” razor because that was what was there, just like every woman has, at some point, used her dad’s or her brother’s or her boyfriend’s razor in a pinch. It’s not like you soak them in testosterone before shipping them. It does somewhat emphasize how goofy shaving products are that they expect us to believe a sharp thin piece of steel won’t cut you based on genetics.



download (14)You can play Tony Stark and probably save the world. Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man Shirt that contains its very own light-up Arc Reactor! While it may look like a regular black T-shirt, it’s actually detailed like the Iron Man Mark IX suit that’s much lighter than previous versions. It features a flexible interior with a knitted cotton exterior that has a chest-mounteduni-beam that is powered by photons. It then collects and then disperses when the wearer enters a dark area.

It’s designed to be worn for up to two days of use, but its effectiveness is decreased after the first 12 hours. The shirt comes with three components: the shirt, light panel with a long cable and a battery box. When you place fresh batteries in the battery box and the Arc Reactor is on, it will shine brightly like the one in the movie. It also provides protection from adverse weather, UV rays and temperature extremes and requires three AAA batteries that are not included. It’s machine washable except for the electrical components that can be removed from the shirt.


download (15)

3. Okay, I get that it’s usually the guys that do the buying of the gifts and I obviously know it’s not going to be valentine next week but maybe it’s going to be his birthday or maybe not. I feel gifts are important ways of expressing love like Dr Chapman from the book 5 Love Language. Today, would be introducing some of the best gifts you can get for Bae.

Let me quickly share a true life story. Some months back,, I happened to be somewhere in Anambra, actually Onitsha inside one of those small mini buses. It was true I went in with my wallet but never came out with one. I lost a huge sum of money. Okay, let me be truthful, it was just 2k. (rolls eyes). I lost my driver’s license and a few other things. Apparently, I haven’t had another wallet since then.

Where’s Wallet is here to help everyone especially if you lose your wallet quite often and probably has led you to staying away from getting a wallet. Then, I subscribe the where’s Wallet to you. Where’s wallet is a smart wallet that’s helps you keep your wallet closer and track it it’s believed it never gets missing. There’s also the Woolet.

Woolet, is an even slimmer wallet that notifies your phone and sounds an alarm when you walk too far away from your wallet. It keeps your cards safe, and even has a hidden pocket for cash. It’s powered by Bluetooth, and the wallet itself looks great. But where it differs from Where’s Wallet is what’s interesting. For one, it’s self-charging, so you never have to worry about changing a battery. Secondly, the wallet itself has a built-in ringer so that you can use it to track down your phone if you have your Wollet, too. And finally, Woolet has a distance tracking feature in the app that shows you just how far away your Woolet is and if you’re getting closer, and it’s accurate to within 1.3 feet. Woolet will have a companion app for bothiOSand Android devices, so as long as your phone is capable of Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1, you’ll be able to use Woolet.

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