Top 3 Attributes Nigerian Politicians Can Learn From Peter Obi

obiAm a Nigerian and I know what comes to our mind when we see the title of an article, most times we conclude just from the title. Well I won’t fault anyone on this, why? I conclude myself most time, from the topic of an article.

Peter Obi is a politician, so one will easily wonder, what is it, that he can probably offer, that one can tag ‘an attribute’ worth learning.

Having taken time to study the persona of Mr. Peter Obi, his actions and inactions, we came up with these commendable attributes that politicians can learn from the ‘Okwute ndi Igbo’ of Anambra State.

  1. Cut down on Government Expenses:

Mr Obi was never known for being flamboyant in spending, most times the former governor tries to cut down on state expenses as much as possible. Also, he never travelled with more than two aide on any “Must Attend” official trip.

During one of the former governor’s  speech in UNIZIK, Awka, he stated that when invited to any functions especially one that involves donation, outside Anambra, he will inquire if he can just send in the money instead of going there himself as this will save the state unnecessary expenses.

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  1. His ‘stingy’ attitude:

It’s a common knowledge in Anambra that former governor Peter Obi is stingy when it comes to money spending and most ill-informed people have actually used this in taunting the governor.

Come to think of it, as a public officer holder, is it that much of a bad idea to be economical in spending? The answer I guess is an obvious ‘No’. Austerity measures i guess should become the key word. Obviously our politicians needs to learn from the ‘stingy’ character of Mr Obi.

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  1. Next to None Humble Nature of Mr Obi:

Have you ever been to any event during the period Mr Obi was governing Anambra? And in such event Mr Obi would be stated as the Chief Guest, and due to one or two governmental function he would be late for the occasion, what gets to me most times is the humble way he will just walk to his seat without all the attention associated with the arrival of a sitting governor. Most time people will still ask, “Governor don come?” without the full knowledge that he is there in their midst, sometimes even next to you that is even asking.

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