Top 3 Amazing Home Tech You Must Have



You have heard of portable air conditioners, but you probably never thought conventional washers and dryers could be portable. They come in small sizes but don’t let that fool you because the rate and functionality of this portable washer and dryer functions, is second to none.

While water electricity and space poise s challenge to laundry services, mini-washers are built to use less than 90% less water per load and they run with minimal energy (electricity)

It also carries 2 types of spin dryers that are 100times more energy efficient than conventional dryers. Laundry Alternative spin dryer spins at a faster rate nearly 3,200 revolutions per mint, whereas a conventional dryer operates at 450 RPM… totally the fastest washer and dryer in the world.




The Miele future profile dishwasher aka, ‘world’s most intelligent dishwasher’ is the quickest high tech option. Offering a 23- minute wash cycle, its tiers are adjustable and LED illuminated. Some models connect with Wi-Fi.

Its 35% more effective to handle dishwashing than previous generations.

Talking about silence then it’s the more reason why you should get this smart dishwasher.

If you have ever been unhappy with the noise-level of your dishwasher, Miele has the perfect solution for you.

With a goal to integrate appliances into the kitchen and improve your lifestyle, making life convenient and less stressful is the way forward for a smart dishwasher.

With a smart dishwasher, what more could you be asking for.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that all of our dishwashers, Classic-to-Diamond, achieve a minimum silence rating to satisfy even the most discerning customer.



This appliance is perfectly fit for an internet connect kitchen; for the tech savvy homeowners. Samsung’s smart fridges are rated as eco-friendly and energy efficient. Its twin cooling plus system keeps food fresher, longer by keeping humidity out. Users can access the temperature, memos, calendar, Twitter’s, Pandora, App news and photos directly on the fridge door.

With a refrigerator serving as your digital home camera, yes digital home camera.

The Family Hub as it is popularly know has three built-in cameras that take a photo every time the doors closes is what i call high tech, making sure everything about you and your kitchen is captured.

You can as well connect your phone to your refrigerator to view those pictures.

This refrigerator has the ability to coordinate everyone’s schedules leaving notes and reminder and show off pictures of latest family vacation if any.

When talking about an amazing appliance like this, i am left to wonder if we are actually talking about a refrigerator, because this seems to be able to do the impossible.

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