Top 3 Amazing Features And Flaws Of PES 2017


Over the year’s there’s been a major tussle for dominance between FIFA and PRO Evolution especially under the category of soccer of course, with both having their flaws and their outstanding features with gamers selecting whichever fits their preference.

While these improvements have resulted in a steady improvement in the quality of Pro Evolution Soccer as a franchise, it’s in the 2017 game that everything seems to be coming together to create something truly special.

PES has greatly improved, proving to be one of the best games with amazing developed features, making PES mind blowing.

Super faster


One of the amazing features of the PES is that everything is so fast, to passing, to quick play with top speed, the players are sharper with movement compared to FIFA that still lacks that sharpness from the players.

Thanks to a tweaked shot power delivery system, you’ll be scoring screamers right from the off.


Great Features


The stars are full of amazing capabilities. Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Ozil and including Rashford all have amazing speed and strength with pace. PES 2008 was all about Adriano with amazing strength and shot power. 2017 is all about Ronaldo and Messi, they can’t be stopped with complete pace and shot power and a little durability.




FIFA 17 may be powered by the Frostbite Engine but PES is no slouch when it comes to visuals.

In fact, it’s got the Fox Engine under its hood the same powerhouse that drove the stunning Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Players are captured as they are, at least it’s closer than what we use to have, but times have changed.


Flaws with PES 2017


It’s all about License


A few years ago, it wasn’t that much of an issue seeing Man Red et al. pop up on the team select screens but now it is very annoying seeing jerseys that don’t represent the club or the name of the club which is totally frustrating. Nevertheless, PES has licensed some clubs such as Liverpool and Barcelona with their original jerseys.


Unpredictable Refs


Referees are completely unpredictable, one minute they’re cool and the next you’re getting sent off for an act you’re not sure what happened.

Play it safe by avoiding the slide tackle where you can.


Celebrations Could be scary 


Where the game loses a point for visuals is when it comes to facial animations – which are a bit hit and miss.

Although FIFA hasn’t quite mastered it either, many players have a ‘dead-behind-the-eyes’ look, making for some terrifyingly-morbid celebrations.

Besides all the flaws, PES 2017, is a game to play…








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