Top 10 Most Controversial Players In Football History

Football is definitely a game we all love and there are some players who simply cannot stay away from the headlines, whether it be at the front or back of the newspaper. They seem to simply attract attention, whether they intend it or not.

They are the controversial figures who play such an important role in the narrative of football. There must always be a story and many of these bad boy characters fill those roles with alarming ease.In the modern, technologically advanced era especially, these errors of judgement are picked up and analysed in more detail than ever before.Therefore, here are out ten most controversial footballers ever;

10.John Terry

Terry slept with Wayne Bridge's wife while they were teammates at Chelsea and England
Terry slept with Wayne Bridge’s wife while they were teammates at Chelsea and England

Chelsea fans might admire him, but John Terry has his fair share of haters. The English defender has been an integral part of Chelsea over the past decade, becoming an idol at Stamford Bridge. John Terry is no saint, mind you. In 2011, he was stripped off the England captaincy after being charged with racial abused against Anton Ferdinand. Terry had previously been stripped off the captain armband after the sex scandal involving him and Wayne Bridge’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel.


9. Carlos Tevez

Tevez held up a banner RIP Fergie when Manchester city won the title
Tevez held up a banner RIP Fergie when Manchester city won the title

Argentine striker Carlos Tevez is one of those players who make the difference on the pitch. He might not be the most loyal player out there, but he makes up for it with his performance. Let’s face it, Tevez is a troublemaker. The livewire striker angered Manchester United fans when he moved to Man City. The Argentine was once suspended for refusing to come on as a substitute. Tevez recently said he regrets leaving Juventus for Boca Juniors.

8. Edmundo

Edmundo got into all sorts of trouble in his career
Edmundo got into all sorts of trouble in his career

Former Brazil striker Edmundo was just another player who caused troubles. He may have been one of the finest strikers of his generation, but he was no role model. The bad boy from Brazil was very talented, but he didn’t possess a sense of humility and humbleness. Edmundo changed 17 teams in a career spanning almost 18 years. He was dubbed O Animal (the Animal) for his irascible nature. He was very talented, but a total wreckage off the pitch.

7. Diego Costa

Diego Costa has gotten into a lot of fights on the pitch
Diego Costa has gotten into a lot of fights on the pitch

Spanish striker Diego Costa may be the most hated player on the planet right now. The 27-year-old seems more interested in pissing off opponent players than playing football. Diego Costa should be more concerned with scoring goals instead of trying to pick fights. Most football fans detest him; Arsenal fans hate him with a passion. Diego Costa should work on his temper; else he could face the axe once Antonio Conte steps in.

6. Luis Suarez

Suarez is a superstar that takes it out on players with his teeth when he is angry
Suarez is a superstar that takes it out on players with his teeth when he is angry

Uruguay international Luis Suarez is the best striker now: he has scored 56 goals in 51 games so far, and has won the Pichichi Trophy as the top goal scorer of the La Liga this season. What is really disturbing about Suarez, though, is his tendency to lose his temper every now and then. And when he does lose it, he bites. Literally! Luis Suarez’s biting incidents and the racing slurs spewed towards Evra give him a bad rap.

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5. Ryan Giggs

Giggs had an hidden eight years affair with his brother's wife
Giggs had an hidden eight years affair with his brother’s wife

Reports claimed that the Manchester United star embarked on an eight-year relationship with his 28-year-old sister-in-law Natasha.Following his alleged affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas, who was gagged with a super-injunction, now more claims of betrayal have stunned his fans.The News Of The World today claimed that the multi-millionaire footballer even spent the night with estate agent Natasha last month on April 9.The tabloid also alleged that Giggs was seeing Natasha behind his wife Stacey’s back while she was pregnant.The 37-year-old former BBC Sports Personality of the Year is said to have met his brother’s wife in a string of hotels, after first meeting Natasha when she was single in 2003.Giggs is said to have met Natasha eight-years-ago in Manchester nightclub Sugar Lounge, when she was 20-years-old.She had apparently recently split from the father of her first child and Giggs was engaged to his now wife Stacey.

4. Mario Balotelli

Balotelli had more red cards than goals in his career
Balotelli had more red cards than goals in his career

How do you call someone who can’t fit in anywhere? An outcast? A loner? Or probably an irredeemable anti conformist? Mario Balotelli could be anything but a lone wolf, or a pariah. The Italian maverick striker was once tipped for a bright future, but he does not have the right personality to succeed in the game. Balotelli is renowned for his antics, like firing crackers in his bathroom, throwing tantrums and fighting with managers.

3. Gennaro Gattuso

Gattuso had a very bad temper which he couldn't control in games
Gattuso had a very bad temper which he couldn’t control in games

AC Milan legend Gennaro Gattuso was renowned for his extreme passion for the game. He was one of the strongest midfielders in the game, no doubt. Gattuso had a temper, a bad one. He would scream at referees, grab coaches in the neck, throw tantrums and act like possessed. Gattuso may have been a warrior in the field, the heart of the team, but his behavior often got in him trouble with players, coaches and even his own staff.


2. Joey Barton

Joey Barton the fighter
Joey Barton the fighter

English midfielder Joey Barton is renowned for his antics. He has a quite long list of misdemeanors, including a six-month spell behind the bars for assault back in 2008. He has been often involved in brawls and he likes to pick fights. Barton is a decent player, mind you. His behavior, however, is not something to be proud of. He now plays for Burnley, the side who was just promoted to the Premier League.

1. Omar Ortiz

omar-ortiz was a kidnapper
omar-ortiz was a kidnapper

Most footballers hope to make a difference by playing, other leave their mark in rather unorthodox ways. Omar Ortiz was a Mexican goalkeeper most known for his shady life than his football skills. Ortiz played for a host of clubs in Mexico, most notably with Chiapas FC. He once received a two-year ban after testing positive for steroids. Ortiz has allegedly been involved in 20 kidnappings in Mexico. At least he made a name for himself!

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