Time Traveling: Smartphone Spotted At Mike Tyson’s 1995 Fight (Photos and video)

Skeptics have come out to claim that a smartphone was spotted at Mike Tyson’s fight back in 1995.

We all know the first camera phone was sold in 2000, but a new footage showing a spectator recording Mike Tyson’s fight against Peter McNeeley, has surfaced.


This image has risen a lot of conspiracy theories as some people are of the notion that it might be an alien who jhad in some way found its way to earth, while some think it could be a human time traveler. While detractors say it could actually be an early digital camera.

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The fight which was the first time Tyson, fought in four years, took place in Las Vegas Nevada. The match eventually turned out to be the highest  grossing fight in history. It not only gained  international headlines, with this new discovery some people think it might have gotten universal attention.

Published on  YouTube in September 2015, several conspiracy theorists have risen in search of an answer.

JammyBantam, the first YouTuber to release this bizarre sighting, explained that:

I dunno if it’s a time traveller or not, but no one can explain what camera it is; a QV-100 doesn’t have a silver bit on the right, and this camera doesn’t seem to have a black line under the lens.

See photos:

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