The Future Of Nigeria NASRDA


download (3)With the present state of Nigeria and Her Economy to the increase of fuel to 145 for a litre and three pieces of Tomatoes sold for five hundred naira i would like to announce to you that Nigeria Has A Space Program at her Capital in ABUJA. (NASRDA) National Space Research and Development Agency was established on 1 August 2001 after ongoing preparations have be done since 1998 by antecedent President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Nigerian government.

Five satellites have been launched but not on Nigerian soil by the Nigerian government but  have been built and launched by Russia and China since 2003. During an interview with CNNMoney S.O Mohammed Director General of NASRDA was asked several questions but did not fail to let the people understand the vision of NASRDA especially when he was asked about the 30million budget  for the year, he said  “budget for satellite is also budget for agriculture, budget for satellite is also budget for environmental, is it a waste to me it is no.” He also said that “NASDRA has always been focused in bringing practical solutions to Nigeria’s problems.”

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NASRDA is doing everything possible to build a satellite from their facility in Nigeria and hopefully put the first African man in space which would be an honour. The agency hopes that in 2030 they should be able to launch their first satellite in nigeria saying goodbyes to Russia and China who previously launched satellites for communication and observation for Nigeria. When asked why Nigeria would want to build and launch Her satellite, one of the Engineers Sadiq Umar stated “for national pride.”

The space agency is also using their satellite in discovering the whereabouts of the Chibok girls that occurred in 2014 by Boko Haram and we can only hope that they are found soon. irrespective with unsettling economic crisis that seems to be going on NASRDA might just be NIgeria’s silver lining.




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