TENNIS:Nadal Dares International Tennis Federation To Publish His Test Results Publicly

Tennis star and World Number five, Rafael Nadal has urged the International Tennis Federation to publicly declear the results of all his drug-test results and blood profile records in a letter sent to the Federation this week.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Nadal’s letter was sent to ITF President David Haggerty on Monday, the same day he filed suit against a former French government minister who suggested he had been doping. “It can’t be free anymore in our tennis world to speak and to accuse without evidence”, the 14-time Grand Slam champion said in a letter obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.”I know how many times I am tested, on and off competition”, Nadal wrote in the letter. “Please make all my information public. Please make public my biological passport, my complete history of anti-doping controls and tests.From now on I ask you to communicate when I am tested and the results as soon as they are ready from your labs. I also encourage you to start filing lawsuits if there is any misinformation spread by anyone”.

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Nadal also said in a letter about the allegations laid on him by Haggerty “It is unacceptable and mostly unfair that someone that should have knowledge of sports to a certain point and degree can publicly say something like this with no proof or evidence”.Nadal said some media, fans, and sponsors don’t trust tennis’ anti-doping program. “They don’t trust the sport. They think governing bodies cover things up and do nothing,’ he said. “We know this is not true. I believe the time has arrived, and our sport and our governing bodies need to step up in communicating well to the world.I believe we have to continue with the fight against doping and make the fight stronger and better if possible”, he wrote. “As a player, first an amateur and then a professional, I have been sure that our sport is clean. It is necessary that our sport becomes a flagship in a world where transparency and honesty are two pillars of our conduct and way of living”.

Nadal’s letter comes after sports have recently been hit with cases of doping,most recently Maria Sharapova in tennis and Mahmodu Sakho in football.

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