Ted Cruz And Bernie Sanders Win Wisconsin Primary

Picture of Ted Cruz, Republican presidential nominee (Photo credit to Al Jazeera.com)
Picture of Ted Cruz, Republican presidential nominee (Photo credit to Al Jazeera.com)

Both Republican presidential nominee, Ted Cruz and Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders overcame their adversaries of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the Wisconsin primary to deal a blow to their slender lead.

Ted Cruz has easily won the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary, dealing a blow to frontrunner Donald Trump’s hopes of accumulating enough delegates for the party’s nomination and Sanders gains momentum over Clinton in Democratic primary.

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Cruz’s double-digit win over Trump on Tuesday was a breakthrough for Republican Party forces battling to block Trump, and it raised the prospect of a prolonged nomination fight that could last to the July convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential contender, also won in Wisconsin, gaining momentum in his fight against frontrunner Hillary Clinton and shrinking her commanding lead in delegates.

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Picture of a Bernie Sanders supporter
Picture of a Bernie Sanders supporter

Cruz told his supporters that he was the one who can unify the Republican Party. He was speaking indirectly at the fact that Trump has gathered an awful lot of negative press recently which could’ve contributed to the significant loss in this state.

Sanders said his message of breaking up the big banks, reining in Wall Street and reducing income inequality was bringing new and young voters into the process.


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