Teacher Kills 10 Year Old Pupil Because She Provoked Him

A private school teacher has been arrested by the police for killing a 10-year old student.

According to Punch, the said teacher, Edet Umoren, beheaded the young child been identified as Precious Adedeji, last Thursday in Esugbo, Itamerin, near Ijebu-Ife, in the Ijebu East Local Government Area of Ogun State. Edet gave the reason for this wicked act as having being provoked by the young child.


Reports also revealed that the dead Adedeji, who was until her death a pupil of Favour Nursery and Primary School, was also the granddaughter of the proprietor, Pastor Joseph Olutoye. She was killed a day after her 10th birthday.
Edet, 52, said the head teacher and Adedeji, made some rude remarks about him which prompted him to kill the child.
The Akwa Ibom State indigene confessed to not knowing what came over him that morning when he used his cutlass to behead her.
That morning, I held a cutlass which I used to cut canes in the bush to discipline pupils. The girl(Adedeji) and the head teacher saw me and made some remarks which provoked me; then I used the cutlass to behead her.
I never knew what came over me; it was when I had carried out the act that I regained my senses. I regret my action.
Umoren, who himself is a father to three kids said he was also owed  four years salary stating that his salary was N7,000 per month and not N4,000.

He was said to have run away from the crime scene before being apprehended by the police. He also dropped a note saying he committed that act because he was being owed January and February salary.

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