Snapchat Rumoured To Be Working On A Wearable Device


Snapchat just gave another hint that it is working on a secret device.

The social network was previously rumoured to be developing a wearable gadget and recently joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), reports the Financial Times.

Membership of the group will enable Snapchat to develop products using the popular wireless technology.

The technology could be used to connect the rumoured augmented reality headset to the user’s Snapchat mobile app.

Augmented reality or AR differs from virtual reality in that it overlays graphics over real-world footage.

Snapchat is already well known for its AR-based Snapchat filters that enable users to add playful features to their selfies.

There have been hints that Snapchat may be working on AR for sometime.

In 2014, Snapchat bought start up Vergence Labs, which makes smart glasses that are able to record footage of what a wearer sees.

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The move led to rumours that the social network was working on its own version of Google Glass.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegelsaid in 2013 that an augmented reality app for glasses ‘doesn’t fit into the Snapchat experience’.

But with Google, Facebook and Microsoft as well as numerous phone companies developing VR headsets or smart glasses, it’s possible Snapchat may be reviewing its position.


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