SEXUAUL SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE: A Battle Where There Can Only Be One Winner


Sometimes I wonder, “What is the biggest story in Nigeria?” Is it the news of the grand return of the president from his medical vacation? Or perhaps it’s the news of two times a week bombardment of oil facilities in the Niger Delta region?

Left for me, the biggest news is not even the current attack and re-attack of Governor Fayose and the wife of the president, though some certain things got me, in what unfolded between them.

Verbal outburst from the strongman of Ekiti politics is never a new thing, he has tried it with many big wigs in Nigerian politics and all hell was not brought down, perhaps, because he is Fayose.

What actually caught my attention was the ‘clapback’ by the wife of the president, Aysha Buhari, calling a sitting governor “Mad Dog”, Haba Hadjya! Where is your sense of decorum? It’s obvious the now infamous tweet was posted in venomous anger. Still that’s not the ever smiling, gorgeous and always beautiful first lady that we know.

A wise man once said, “He that can anger you, can control you” does it now mean that Fayose can control our beloved First Lady? Well, you have to ask the originator of that quote, not me.

Also, in the process of bombarding and totally destroying the mouthed Fayose, Mrs Buhari said something that caught my attention, she said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, FAYOSE IS AN UNCHAINED MAD DOG, If Buhari is 73 years old, I Aisha am 45 years old, I have more than enough energy to face you” Chai! Was the first lady implying that our president is old and without energy? This is definitely be a topic for another day.

For me, the biggest story at the moment is in the National Assembly. And I’m not referring to the CCT trial, the forgery charge recently brought against Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, nor the obvious desperation of the executive to force a regime change in the leadership of the legislature. It is not even about immunity and pension for NASS leaders.

Rather, the story is that of legislative rascality in the highest order. The narrative of what some of our federal lawmakers allegedly got themselves into, while in the United States of America a few weeks ago, sure evokes tales of abuse of power, sexual assault and total neglect of decorum.

Why am I calling this the biggest news in Nigeria? It’s simple, the case is far from close. A former inquiry/probe has been opened and we await the verdict of the investigations, but one thing remains certain, in such investigations, its either we have a victor or the vanquished.

There is no middleman judgement, it’s either you are guilty of sexual assault or you are guilty of character assassination, either way someone is going down.

We all know the Nigerian factor when it comes to big name persecution, it comes with the huge media rush, TV presenters anchors their shows on such topics, people call in radio stations commenting on it, but after every hype, the case will be swept under the floor.

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What was the conclusion of the Farouk, Otedola scandal? The bulletproof cars scandals? The infamous Dasuki Gates? The Fashola website scandal? You don’t have to think much, let me help you out, all these cases were swept under the carpet, they never lived to the see the light of the day, all the above names are freemen. The cases was added to the ever growing list of list of ‘Abandoned cases in Nigeria’.

Do I want this sex scandal in the House to be swept under the carpet? God forbid!! Hence the focus of this piece is to call the attention of Nigerians towards this particular case of alleged sexual assault and should the lawmakers after all said and done be proven innocent, then the Ambassador must apologies publicly to the accused lawmakers and resign effective immediately from his position, but should the lawmakers be proven guilty, I shouldn’t say this, but they should follow the David Camron way, and humbly resign from their position.

I rest my case.

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