Several Ladies Recount Donald Trump’ Unsettling Behavior With Women

New controversy has cropped up with dozens of women coming out to reveal how Donald Trump treated women long before his presidential aspirations.

These women according to report are from his past and have in one way or the other witnessed the presidential candidate treat women with not so much respect.

New York Times, interviewed over fifty women who have the same thing to say about Trump, he was obsessed with women’s body and figure. The business tycoon, would always find a way to talk about a woman’s body not minding whatever discussion might have been on the table before.

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Rowanne Brewer Lane, a model, who dated Donald back in the 90’s talked about their first meeting. She said she had been invited over to his Florida home only to get there and meet over 50 other ladies in the pool. But that did not stop Donald, who was 4, then to take an interest to Brewer who was 26, then.

Donald Trump and Rowanne Brwer Lane in 1990

Brewer added that Trump asked her if she would love to swim, but had no swimsuit, a problem which was not an issue for Trump. Trump took her to a room and made her select the one she loved out of several he had in a drawer.

‘He took me into a room and opened drawers and asked me to put on a swimsuit. He brought me out to the pool and said: “That is a stunning Trump girl, isn’t it?” .

Brewwer and Trump, later became romantically involved. The relationship however did not last for long as they broke up three months later due to their busy work schedule.

Several other women came up to testify to Trump treating ladies as sexual objects, making comments about their bodies every opportunity he gets.

When Trump, was contacted, he either denied the vents took place or disputed it:

Barbara Res

A lot of things get made up over the years…..I have always treated women with great respect.

Barbara Res, who worked on Trump’s Manhattan business headquarters, also talked about how the business mogul would sometimes interrupt meetings with comments about women’s figures.

Res, recounted how at a point while working for Trump, she gained weight and this of course did not go unnoticed by Trump. Res recalled Trump said to her:

You like your candy. It was him reminding me that I was overweight.

However, some other women have come out to reveal hos Trump helped them achieve the status they have gotten to in life, even in positions women were excluded.

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