Seven Reasons Why You Were Not Called For An Interview After Applying For A Job

One of the toughest things and perhaps the most frustrating thing in job hunting, is when after applying for a job, you did not get an interview invite from your potential employer. You can apply for many jobs, hundreds in some cases, and never hear anything about your application. If you’re lucky you may get a rejection letter or email message. If you’re not, you get no response from the employer. Or, you could interview for a job and get rejected even though it seemed like everything went really well.


It could be any one of a number of reasons why you didn’t get the job and it can be hard to figure out what cost you the chance to get hired. You can ask a recruiter why you weren’t chosen and occasionally receive some meaningful feedback. However, in almost all cases, interviewers will either not respond to requests for feedback or will offer a rationale like “Though you were a strong candidate, we found someone who was more qualified.”

Here are top seven reasons why you were not called for an interview after applying

  1. Was your application complete?Did you provide all the information required on the job application?
  2. .Were you qualified for the job? How closely did your background match the qualifications for the job?
  3. Was your cover letter targeted towards the requirements of the specific job you applied for? Did you make it clear that you possessed the desired skills, experience and knowledge to get the job done?
  4. Was your cover letter long enough to make a compelling case, but no so dense that the recruiter glossed over it. Ideally, your letters should be 3 – 5 paragraphs long, with none of those paragraphs longer than 8 lines. Be sure to leave white space between paragraphs.
  5. Were all your application documents error free and well written? Have you asked others to review and proofread your resume and cover letter?
  6. Did you target your resume? Does your resume showcase skills and accomplishments related to your target job? Is it clear how you added value in your previous jobs, internships, academic projects and volunteer work?
  7. Did you make a mistake on your application?Were all the dates of employment you listed on your application correct? Did you list accurate salary information? Did you leave off any information that should have been included? Some employers verify employment history prior to scheduling interviews. That’s one reason why it’s important to accurately complete your job applications.
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