Self Driving Cars: 5 Reasons It Might Never Work In Nigeria


A driverless car was tested among members of the public for the first time in the UK, in Milton Keynes. The two-seater electric vehicle travelled in a 1km (0.6-mile) loop on the pavements around the town’s railway station. The team behind it hopes a fleet of 40 of the pods will be available to the public next year.

As much as this sounds very interesting and tempting the million naira question is will this work in Nigeria? There are many forces and factors behind why driverless cars are not built for a random Nigerian especially in a place like Lagos.

Nigerians are always in a hurry

Heavy traffic is seen on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos

I actually feel the most impatient people in Nigeria live in Lagos and the sad part is people don’t actually care. Having a driverless car in the hand of impatient people will be the worst decision ever and would probably increase the level of accidents on our street.


Drivers will lose their jobs


It’s bad enough that there aren’t a lot of employed people in Nigeria, trust me you wouldn’t want to make it any worse. It would be a chain of reaction, from no jobs to robbery to poor economic growth down to a national recession in Nigeria.


Nigerians like to be in control

African-American School Boy with Backpack

There’s nothing as good as being in control of a situation. Am sure about 98% of people in Nigeria will feel more comfortable driving their kids or have a chauffeur do that instead but a driverless car, never!!! Can’t see that happening anytime soon, maybe in the next century but definitely not now or the next 50 years I guess. Plus when the bus driver did not lost why then trust a self-driving car.


It would ruin the ”fun”



So you’re saying nobody will call oga’s wife madam again, no away, or madam will not find someone to shout at… a number of people in Nigeria enjoy what we call the transfer of aggression syndrome. Driverless car will take that away and as crazy as that sounds it’s just the truth. I think majority of people look down on their house-helps or chauffeur as the case may be but that’s not the subject of the article.


We are not law abiding citizens

We still lack a level of organization, we are on the path though but we aren’t there yet. We enjoy breaking the rules and always find a way of making ‘’good’’ use of a situation and how it benefits our interest especially politically. Maybe when we deal with corruption and we respect the use of roadworthiness then, just maybe driverless car will fill the streets of Lagos and Nigeria in a larger context.





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