See Photos Of Conjoined Twins Who Share Same Genital

An Indian woman, has been left heartbroken after giving birth to twins, who came out conjoined.

The babies, a boy and a girl, have two four hands but share a leg and several vital organs.

The babies mother, Shivrajo Devi, 24, gave birth on Wednesday evening at a private clinic in a village in Buxar, Bihar, eastern India.

The babies were later transferred to  Sadar Hospital in the city, due to their deteriorating health.

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Dr Raj Kumar Gupta, a pediatrician at Sadar Hospital, said:

They are fused from the waist and only one genital is visible which is of a girl.

Even though the second genital is missing, we suspect the face of the second baby is a boy, which makes this case even more rare as conjoined twins are usually of the same gender.

The conjoined twins

Speaking on the situation the mother of the conjoined twins said:

I cannot believe my children are fused together

I am heartbroken and had hopes that doctors can save their lives but with doctors turning them away, I do not know what will happen to them now.

They told us the babies would be needed to be kept in a glass box and we should take them to big city like Delhi for their treatment,’ said Shivrajo, who has two older children – a four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter.

Chhota Singh, the twins father who works in a factory and earns £60 a month, said their joy had quickly turned to despair.

I made sure to give my wife regular check-ups during pregnancy

We were excited to welcome twins but all our excitement has vanished. I had only heard of such babies.

After doctors at Sadar Hospital referred us to the other hospital, I borrowed money to take them there.

But I was told there was no need for treatment.’

Dr Ravi Kumar Gupta, child specialist at Sadar Hospital, said:

The children are a rare case of conjoined twins.

They are full grown and are joined from the abdomen region.

While they have four hands they share two legs that are hanging from one side and share most of their vital organs.

Their condition is stable but they need special care and so we have referred them to an advanced hospital.

They are miraculous babies and very beautiful but as the chances of survival of such twins are always slim, we cannot say about their longevity either.

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