See How Ghost Leaves A Man After Fatal Bike Accident


It’s not very often an accident occurs and it is not the news of the moment and why this is even more surprising is because the accident claimed the life of a man involved in a fatal bike accident.

it is not stated as to what could have caused the accident but this is one of those cases because a picture portrays a ghost leaving the body of the bike man and this is what has been the centre of attraction all over the world.

We still don’t even know the name of the man involved in the fatal accident is but we know who took the picture and then posted it on Facebook.

Saul Vazquez, who took the pictures as he drove by in Powell County, Kentucky. It is believed that the biker died at the hospital from injuries from the accident.

With all the questions surrounding what happens when we die? Is there a life after death? Vazquez picture leaves with the answer.

Some believe that a ghost might not be seen with a physical eye but with a good camera you can see the unseen world.

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One Facebook user commented: “I think there’s a person that passed away is watching his looking down on his own body.”

Another said: “I believed it the moment I saw it,” while one remarked: “Wow makes u wonder don’t it.”

And one wrote: “This is amazing! You are very blessed to have captured this photo.”

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