Scientists Develop Miracle Second Skin That Makes You Look Many Years Longer In No Time

Having a young, healthy and glowing skin till old age has become like a craze amongst many.

So many people have resulted to undergoing plastic surgery just to have a wrinkle free and smooth face. Yes, its even common amongst the top celebrities in Hollywood.

Scientists have brought good news as a ‘second skin’has been developed. This second skin according to the scientists can restore the appearance and properties of healthy, youthful skin.


The ”Second Skin’ which is in form of a silicon film, can be used to do some many things like restore damaged skin, dress wounds – and prep lack-lustre skin in no time.

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The silicon film, which is moisturizing, elastic, invisible and durable is called a wearable crosslinked polymer layer (XPL)and  mimics the properties of perfect skin. 

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XPL, is a silicon-based material which can be used by applying in liquid form without the aid of heat or light before it finally sets. The skin sticks perfectly well on the main skin before then creating a breathable barrier layer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye bagging.

Several tests have shown that the second skin works perfectly well with a dry skin which elps repair the skin texture and reduce eye bags. This second skin is indeed a welcome cosmetic procedure as it helps a dull skin regain its glow in no time.

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